World’s largest battery storage could solve energy problem

Größter Batteriespeicher der Welt könnte entscheidendes Problem lösen - so könnte die Anlage in Kupferzell aussehen

Large storage facilities for electricity in Germany have so far been the exception, although they are urgently needed to stabilize the grid. especially since more and more Renewable energy For the future Power Supply Germany should contribute. The world’s largest battery storage facility aims to address this problem southern germany to solve. In the end, consumers in particular will benefit from the construction project.

Largest battery storage in the world: a solution to the billions of losses?

The world’s largest battery storage facility is to be built in the heart of southern Germany. In just two and a half years he should be in the north-east of Baden-Württemberg start operating. Lithium-ion batteries with an output of 250 MW will be produced in several containers right next to the transformer station in Kupferzell by 2025. huge memory for Electricity Cover an area the size of 4.5 football pitches. But why is there so much mega memory Electricity such an important investment for Germany’s energy security,

This is an excellent summary in times of energy crisis. even though Germany is currently concerned about the cost of electricity per kilowatt hourMany wind turbines stand idle every day. However, this is in no way due to the lack of wind gusts that set wind turbines in motion. They should be stopped as soon as they become more Electricity production than the network can handle. This will be a costly deal for the consumer. In 2021 alone, the so-called redistribution cost for such safeguards amounted to about 2.3 billion euros.

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Thanks to Mega Storage, that may be changing. It is the first of several projects known as “grid boosters” by transmission system operators. In the future, these network boosters should ensure that power supply route Stable with more renewable energy. The storage system is being built by Fluence, a subsidiary of Siemens. Fluence is recognized as the world’s leading provider of energy storageproducts and has already installed comparable energy storage systems in Ireland. In the future, Netzbooster will be powered by network operator Transnet BW, which awarded the contract to Fluence.

Precautions against power cuts

250 MW system to be power cut stop and overload power grid obstruct more Electricity, which cannot otherwise be obtained from renewable energy sources, may be stored in such grid boosters. At other times, for example, when wind turbines produce less electricity due to low wind speeds, the stored electricity can be used to ensure supply. With enough grid boosters, it will be possible to avoid forced production stops for renewable energy. Also, on high yield days additional power buffer can be deposited to make up for bad days. This could make local electricity supplies less dependent on fossil fuels as well as reduce a significant portion of the redistribution cost of €2.3 billion.

The project is not the only one in Kupferzel. One of the largest battery storage facilities in Europe is currently also being built in Eisenach, Thuringia. However, with a planned size of possibly 67 MW, it is much smaller than the planned mega storage facility in Kupferzell. Smart power, builder and network operator For the Thuringian Mega Storage Facility, the project tried to use as little space as possible. Here the decision was made not in favor of the container concept, but in favor of solid concrete construction. In this way, additional space was created for the vehicles of about 350 tonnes on the 3.5 meter high roof. inverter Large storage. There the project is expected to be completed in 2022.


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