Xbox Series X: All Launch Titles Confirmed on MicroSF’s New Console

Xbox Series X: All Launch Titles Confirmed on MicroSF's New Console

With Xbox Series X. And PlayStation 5 Both are released this year, ending with a huge bang for the gaming community in 2020.

Release date for both Xbox Series X. And PlayStation 5 has finally been revealed; The former arrives on 10 November while the latter arrives in the UK on 19 November.

These consoles are promising to really push the boundaries of what video games can achieve, not only in graphical fidelity, but also through technological advances such as the removal of loading screens.

The Xbox console is now available for pre-order until September 22nd. If you are looking to grab one, check out this guide here.

One of the big drawbacks of the Xbox Series X over the PS5 is that it will be fully backwards compatible with Xbox One games, as well as some Xbox 360 and original Xbox titles, which means the console will expand to three versions of Xbox games.

Below we are compiling a list of all the new and confirmed games officially launched with the Xbox Series X and Series S, we will continue to update this list as more games unfold.

Xbox Series S (left) and Series X (right) (micro) ft)

Xbox Series X Launch Title

Gears tricks

Gears Tactics is already available on PC (Microsoft Microsoft Ft)

New RTS Gears tricks, Which sounds and plays like XCOM, will be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and S

Gears Tactics is currently available on the Xbox Game Pass for PC, but will launch on November 10 when the new console is released.

Gears 5, which is currently an Xbox One title, will come to the Xbox Series X with enhanced graphics and textures.

This upscale version of the game will increase particles and run at 60 frames per second during cutness.

Release date: 10 November.


Fornite, Of course, will come on the next pay generation console.

It’s unclear at the moment how Fortnite will play on the Xbox Series X, but releasing it on more powerful hardware may just be beneficial for the game.

The Battle-Royal title, created by Epic Games, ranks last in the 100-player battle.

Fortnight (Epic Games)

It will also come in PS5 and Fortnite will have cross-play between all platforms and consoles, as well as the next pay generation game to be replaced by the new Unreal Engine 5.

Release date: 10 November

Assassin Creed Valhalla

Ubisoff announced that Valla will be the title of an Xbox and PS5 launch.

In this iteration of Assassin’s Creed, you will play either a male or a female character named Ever. Your work Do all the good Vikings do and calm England down and deal with the Pesky Saxons.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Ubisoft)

You will be able to navigate the rivers by long boats, raid unsuspecting villages and set up some kind of political game to spread your influence.

We’ve also seen that some kind of magic is involved during boss fights. It is unknown if there are more supernatural enemies during the game at the moment.

The game will have heavy RPG mechanics, allowing you to shape and mold ivory in any playstyle you want. Dual weld ield? Sure just a faithful ax? Absolutely.

Release date: 10 November

Clock Dogs: Legion

In Clock Dogs: Legion, A close-up version of London, looking down on the state’s barrel of corrupt oversight after the collapse of the government.

If you are familiar with Watch Dogs, you will know that the hacker group DeadSec is not very kind to that way of life. To this end, all that remains in his footsteps are mercenaries and cyber criminals who are eager for all the power.

Stormzi will make an appearance in Watch Dogs: Legion (Ubisoft)

Legion is different in that the biggest drawback of this game is, without a doubt, the NPC (non-playable character) recruitment system.

This basically allows you to recruit whatever you come across while exploring London and then play like them for the closet against corruption.

We also know that the game will feature a collaboration with UK grammar artist Stormy, who will have his own quest and will have to introduce the song into the game.

Release date: 10 November

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light

Micro .ft’s Lutter Shooter Game will arrive on the Xbox Series X as the latest extension of the game Destiny: Beyond the Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light Mysterious darkness and pyramids heading towards the earth revolve around the arrival of a fleet of ships.

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light (Bungi)

This expansion will add new weapons and allow you to travel to Jupiter’s stationary moon Europa.

There will also be new abilities in the form of this Darkness, allowing you to grow your character even more than before.

Release date: 10 November.


DIRT5 is the next level in the Masf-Road Racing series of Code Masters.


You will be able to experience new trials on routes all over the world by looking at gravel, snow, ice and sand, with a roster of cars ranging from rally signs to trucks.

Dirt 5 is actually going to be released on PC via Steam on November 6, but that will be the launch title of the Xbox Series X after that.

If racing games are your cup of tea, Dirt 5 is a strong boil for you.

Release date: 10 November

Yakuza: Like a dragon

Yakuza: A dragon has been out in Japan since January this year, but it will finally come to the West when it launches with the Xbox Series X.

Like Dragon, it will be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and eventually PS5.

Yakuza: Xbox Series X (Sega) will come to the West like a dragon

The description of the game reads: “Take your legendary bat and get ready to smash some underworld skulls in a dynamic RPG battle against the backdrop of modern Japan in Yakuza: like a dragon.

Published by Sega, the game takes a bit of note of some of the other games released by them, most notably the Atlas Persona series and the job system you’d expect. The ultimate fantasy game.

From the trailer, we see that the game has completely changed how its combat works, going for persona-style turn-based combat.

Release date: 10 November

Tetris effect: Connected

Tetris, of course, needs no introduction.

This is the experience of the classic Tetris, fully enhanced only for the Xbox Series X.

Play with friends in this wonderful looking revival of the popular puzzle game either online or locally or in co-mode.

Release date: 10 November


The Falcon One will also be available on the Xbox Series X (Wired Productions)

This neat little indie game is one of the few that starts with the Xbox Series X.

Falconier is an open world air combat game, featuring the mysterious open world crazy aerial dogfight and z and deep exploration of The Great Ursi.

It will be released on PC on November 10 by Steam and Micro .ft Store.

Release date: 10 November

For now, these are all games that have been confirmed to be released on Xbox Box X Series X Launching Day.

If you want to get your hands on an Xbox Box X Series S or an X console, then check out this pre-order guide to find out if there are any stocks left.

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