Xbox Series X Pre-Order UK | Where to buy, who has the stock and the best deals

  Xbox Series X Pre-Order UK |  Where to buy, who has the stock and the best deals

The process of getting a new console for the PlayStation 5 was a bit of a hassle, while the Xbox has taken a more structured approach to launching the Xbox Series X, giving those who want to give it enough time to prepare for what will likely happen. A little rush when the order goes live.

Xbox Series X (there are two consoles available)9 449) And Digital Xbox Series S Edition (9 349) And both are set to be released on the same day, 10 November.

And while it only seems like yesterday when we got the official facial price, specs and games for the Xbox X Series X, the opportunity to pre-order the console has already arrived.

We’ll be updating this page throughout the day as Xbox Series S and X pre-order live.

Xbox Series X Pre-Order: When to Buy Xbox Series X?

Pre-orders are now available – accordingly 22 September On 08:00 In the UK – for both the Top-Dog Xbox Series X and the digital-only XB Series X Series S. They are expected to be released quickly, so be prepared to be quick, but at least you have time to plan – the opposite happened with the PlayStation 5 pre-order release, which is not ideal.

Where can I pre-order the Xbox Series X?

With the expectation of surviving in the following days, the Xbox Series X is now available for pre-order at many retailers. While there will be pre-orders of Micro .ft when there are plenty of retailers to buy from you too.

Smiths And Game There are places to go if you pay for the console, with an improved gamespace, monthly, as they will be the only ones with Xbox All Access as an option.

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Elsewhere, love Too much Will have which offers its own installment plan for all its products.

We will continue to update this page with the latest retailers and their stock levels.

Xbox Series X Pre-Order UK

Curry PC World

Xbox Series X. – 9 449

Xbox Series S. – 9 249


Just make sure the store you normally collect has a console in stock. There may be less stock if you place an order.

Xbox Series X. – 9 449

Xbox Series S. – 9 249


The game’s site said it was down before, but we expect it’s due to everyone going there. We expect it to be back soon. The game is also a good place to check out accessories.

Xbox Series X. – 9 449.99

Xbox Series S. – 9 249.99


As one of the most popular retailers, Amazon is struggling to keep up with pre-order demand. However, they regularly top-up stocks throughout the day so keep checking back.

Xbox Series X. – 9 449.99

Xbox Series S. – 9 249.99

Simple games

SimpleGames PS5 pre-order came for gamers the day after, so keep an eye on the site at the end for pre-order release.

Xbox Series X. – 9 449.99

Xbox Series S. – 9 249.99

John Lewis

John Lewis had plenty of stock for the PS5 but kept pre-ordering off until some others sold out – expect today.

Xbox Series X. – 9 449

Xbox Series S. – 9 249

Too much

There was a lot of PS5 in stock and it was a good place to see other retailers start selling. You can register in advance for your interest Xbox Series X Pre-Order.

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Xbox Series X. – 9 449.99

Xbox Series S. – 9 249.99 has a pre-order search filter so keep an eye on it Xbox Series X and S pre-order.


You can always pop up in the store on the release date, but check Tesco Xbox Series X pre-order.

Another retailer that proved useful on PS5 pre-order day, We expect to publish it Xbox Series X Pre-Order Stock on its set page.

Xbox Series X.

Micro .ft

Xbox Series X Accessories

A selection of Xbox box X series accessories is now also available for pre-order.

However, the good news for you is for existing Xbox owners who have already built a lot of great additions you can get for the console – they will work on the Xbox Series X too! So you don’t have to change anything you buy right now and when there are console-like new consoles coming out, you don’t have to buy them directly to make more and more of the new ones. Console.

And all of the above brands are officially licensed to make accessories by Micros! Ft and as you can see, there are a lot of things!

Here are some items you can buy right now that will work on the Xbox One X.

xbox series x accessories

Xbox One deals

Maybe you haven’t joined XBox World yet and are thinking of investing in an old console instead of promoting a new one. If so, here are some deals for Xbox One deals you might be interested in.

And, we would also suggest you pay attention to our Xbox Series X Black Friday page.

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Stuck between Xbox and PlayStation? Check out our comparison on the new console: PS5 vs Xbox Series X.


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