Xiaomi smartphone has designated a way to check the “wear level” of the battery

Как посмотреть процент заряда батареи на устройствах Xiaomi

The target audience of this content is the smartphone users of the Xiaomi ecosystem who want to know the so-called. The level of “wear” of the batteries on their devices.

The sequence of initial actions:

  1. Turn on Developer Options.
  2. enable USB debugging.
  3. Install adb driver.
  4. Charge your phone to 100%.

battery capacity test Android,

  1. Open Command Prompt (cmd).
  2. Enter “adb shell”.
  3. If everything is fine with the drivers, it will appear on the screen (“Flame” will be the codename of your phone). How to View Battery Percentage on Xiaomi Devices
  4. Type “dumpsys battery”, click enter and wait for the battery report to appear.

How to View Battery Percentage on Xiaomi Devices

The sections to which you should pay primary attention are called “Status” and “Charge Meter” (the presence of the number “5” in the first case indicates optimal filling of the battery). The charge counter is the capacity of the battery (determined by the first four digits, for example 2368000 means 2368mAh).

Similar actions can be performed using LADB (immediately after connecting the option, you need to write to the dumpsys of the battery).

battery percentage calculation Android

The formula looks like this: “Actual capacity” divided by “current capacity” and multiplied by 100. The output will be the “Battery Health Percentage” mentioned at the beginning of the article. Calculation example: (2386: 2800) x100, where 2386 mAh is current capacity, and 2800 mAh is actual capacity.

How to View Battery Percentage on Xiaomi Devices

For maximum calculation accuracy, it is necessary to discharge the battery to zero and fill it with energy to 100% (the device must be in the off state).

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