you should change this setting

you should change this setting

How to Use Google Maps with More Privacy

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There is hardly any app that saves you more time than in everyday life Google Maps, when it comes to a to B to come or that best cafe Finding it within walking distance takes only seconds with a map. To do this, however, the app needs to know where you are, what concerns you. privacy can worry. Even if you often give reviews for places, it leaves a data trail.

We show how you can use Google Maps without revealing much about yourself.

disable location history

Google Has a Feature Where Your Location Isn’t Only on Google Maps have been shownbut also continuously recorded Will. This can be interesting and practical when traveling, for example if you can’t remember exactly where that cozy bar was the night before. Plus, of course, there’s also an uncomfortable Big Brother aspect to it when every movement is recorded.

To check whether location sales is active or to turn it off, you need to take the following steps in the Google Maps app:

  1. Google Maps-menu Open (Android: Click on top right of profile photo, iOS: Click on 3 horizontal lines)
  2. click on Adjustment
  3. click on personal content
  4. the option Location History
  5. there you can see the history Disable and optionally also clean

Protect profile data

Every map user sooner and later comes to terms with it Analysis in contact. If you like Restaurants, Hotels & Company Evaluation either upload photos, should take a closer look at some other setting in the map. By default, all reviews and photos you create are your own. google maps profile collected which is publicly available. So if you do a lot of reviews, pretty much everyone can track where you’ve been.

To prevent this, you can restrict your own profile. Then the reviews still show up in the respective places – the profile view with aggregated reviews is visible only to people who are allowed to follow the account.

To find the option, you must first go to Adjustment, as described above. Then:

  1. Feather personal content Click
  2. all the way down scroll
  3. restricted profile active.

use incognito mode

If you want to leave as few marks as possible when using Google Maps, you can also incognito mode active.

The mode basically works as you know it from the respective option in the browser. Everything you search, navigate, etc. is removed from the device without leaving any residue after the app is closed.

Use Google Maps Alternatives

If the confusion of settings is too much for you, you can definitely look for an alternative too Google Maps Change. One based on Open Street Map is particularly recommended here biological map, Available for Android and iOS, it offers many of the features of Google Maps and more, such as full offline navigation if you pre-download Maps.

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