You should know how to configure all iOS 14.5 features

You should know how to configure all iOS 14.5 features

it was right More than a week after the release of iOS 14.5 and I Some times review the best features of the operating system. TThis is an update that I would not expect to install, if nothing else other than this is the only way that your iPhone will let you know that someone has slipped the airtag tracker into something you are carrying.

But oOnce you complete the download and installation process, you may feel a bit lost. After all, it’s not like Apple opens a big “here’s what I’ve added”.To start iOS 14.5 your whole life. To help you, here is a summary of all the top features, settings, and hidden stones. Either this will guide you to iOS 14.6, which you can already start playing in present, If you feel ambitious.

In this guide, we will cover the following topics:

  • Automatically change the orientation of the iPhone screen for various applications
  • How to sort iOS memos by dates, preferences, and headings
  • If you drive, share ETA or bike
  • How to fix the transparency of your iPhone app tracking if it is gray
  • Why the iPhone battery is recalibrating
  • How to answer the call with your voice
  • How to add laser and other AR effects to Apple’s “Clips” app
  • How to configure Siri’s new iOS sounds
  • How to know if you are being tracked by Apple AirTags
  • Which applications does Siri use to play audio, how to change it
  • How to take a screenshot in iOS without that annoying pop-up preview
  • How to report traffic accidents in Apple Maps

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