Young Chilean astronaut who dreams of traveling to space representing the country. Technology

  Young Chilean astronaut who dreams of traveling to space representing the country.  Technology

Iquique’s engineer was appointed commander in a training mission for similar astronauts in Pila, Poland. A challenge that allowed him to advance in the achievement of his dream: to become a space expert and represent our country around the world.

engineer for years Felipe Suazo Strives to fulfill his dream: to become a famous Chilean astronaut, space travel And proudly represent our country on this sidereal path.

For this, the young man from Iquique has been preparing for a long time in special programs related to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which is known by this name. NASA. This US government agency is responsible for the civilian space program as well as aeronautical and aerospace research.

A few days ago Suazzo had returned from Poland after completing an intense training analog astronaut, i.e. a space sailor in training on Earth.

In this way, he became Chile’s first astronaut To participate in an international research and training mission.

Felipe Suazo | longino diary

The path of the young Chilean astronaut

Where did Suazo’s space journey begin? 2018, when he was in his fourth year of industrial civil engineering at the Arturo Prat University of Iquique. moment when. Near Eduardo Pea Biotechnology engineer from the same university- was selected to integrate “Program Phenom” from NASA.

This program, which prepares scientific astronauts, proposes a face-to-face and online study plan dedicated to research field of science in endemic conditions. in subjects like physiology, pharmacology, materials science, etc.

Unlike traditional astronauts, scientific astronauts are researchers or professionals with various academic degrees. They develop experiments and research on topics in various fields regarding space work. “yeah ok ready to travel on space mission, is specified only occasionally”, reported third In the 2018 report dedicated to students.

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In the case of the young people of Iquique, both were selected to attend a course for two years taught by Society for the exploration and research of ocean and space (Seam), which works directly with NASA.

“They will learn from physics and feedback how to handle gravity, g-forces and without a missed landing,” he remarked at the time. Patricia SixDirector of the UNAP Institute of Health.

On this occasion, Suajo hinted at the technical medium. fairware that “I love simulation. From a stone in space to Apollo: angle, amount of fuel, simulate speed. I also find it interesting to predict the movements of asteroids, there are many fields. All these aspects are intertwined and I would love to direct a project like that.”

Chilean astronaut
Felipe Suazo | longino diary


In 2019, the young engineer traveled to the United States to be a part of can project, which focuses on better understanding the dynamics of the upper atmosphere and its role in changes in global climate.

In particular, graduates of the program are able to perform high resolution images and tomographic reconstructions of structures nocturnal clouds – those that form at the edge of space in the atmospheric layer called the mesosphere – with temperature profiles, high-altitude balloon expeditions and even commercial spacecraft.

In this regard, the UNAP graduate reported that “I realized that I wanted to be an astronaut in 2019. I always thought it was far from being one, but when I traveled to Project PoSSUM in the United States, I saw that I could. Be a part of it. There I started motivating myself And talk about this topic, my space travel from the beginning of that year”.

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However, the consolidation of her dreams for this young Chilean astronaut began to take shape two years later. September 2021, after being the commander of a space mission.

Chilean astronaut
Pea and Suazo | Chile Innovation


Last month Suazzo traveled to the Analog Research Station to simulate manned space missions based at a post-military airport. Poland. There he fulfilled the role of commander in charge Astronaut Training Mission Lunares Program.

The general objective of this program is to create a research platform to support scientific and technological developments in manned space exploration.

“The appointment as commander means that I am in charge of the entire mission, responsible for executing the schedules drawn up for each, executing and supporting experiments and investigations. Maintain communication with middle command and support the team to face the problems faced within the mission”, the young man told the Northern newspaper. longino.

To this the Chilean astronaut said that “In addition, in case of emergency, I should take charge of finding solutions with the team,” adding that it is an important designation as it provides technical and psychological capability. In addition to being able to develop transversal skills for future space missions.

this experience lasted a long time 14 days Pre-mission, between mission and post-mission day, which included total confinement where conditions experienced by astronauts during space missions are simulated.

On this occasion, “imitation” moonwalk, maintenance of technical equipment, planting and cultivation of vegetables (estimated lunar and/or Martian culture), diet with dehydrated and frozen food, as well as regular physical activity, among others”, indicated the engineer.

Chilean astronaut
Suazzo and his team in Poland | longino diary

spatial reflection

in conversation with dario longino, Suazzo reveals that with this latest experience in Poland – for which he was supported by UNAP and the Kolahuas Educational Foundation – he confirmed that he has what it takes to present himself as an astronaut .

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“I learned for the first time about the challenges experienced by astronauts and the technical and psychological aspects of living in isolation. The most important thing I learned was keep the team together. I had the ability to help, listen to them and motivate the team so that they would not give up on the mission even when they were tired, but the important thing was that it was finished together”, he confirmed.

On his future, on this occasion, he said: “My challenge is to be recognized as a Chilean astronaut and be able to start work on projects linking the country to the national and international space programmes. And why not, Go to the space representing Chile and the Tarapaca region“.

“Dreams are not easy, but it is a fun path that allows you to meet and venture out. Even when all is not well, it should always take the best of energy to keep going. Knowing the universe makes us think about believing in and strengthening our abilities, because if something catches your attention we can do as Chili. polish your skills and leap”, concluded the Chilean astronaut.

Felipe Suazo | longino diary


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