‘You’re an inspiration,’ Taisich told Adam

‘You’re an inspiration,’ Taisich told Adam

Taosich Michelle Martin has sent a letter to a six-year-old boy who warmed everyone’s heart with his “virtual hug”.

Adam Dum King of Cork put a shot to fame on The Late Late Toy Show when he grabbed a piece of paper with the words ‘Embrace for you’ written on it.

Adam’s virtual embrace is now postmarked by a single post.

In his letter, Mr Martin wrote: “In a speech to the nation on Friday night, I thanked the children of Ireland for the strength and the way they have coped with their cowardice.

“As I was saying this, I couldn’t believe that, in a few hours, the country would see such an excellent example of that power in The Late Late Toy Show.

“Your virtual embrace and your clear kindness made the point better than I could ever do.”

During Adam’s appearance on the show, he shared his dream of becoming a Capcom for NASA – a flight communicator from the ground.

It was accompanied by a surprise video message as well as a video call from retired astronaut Chris Headfield, who told him: Seeing that, I found it really inspiring. ”

Mr. Martin encouraged Adam to pursue his dream of working with NASA, and thanked him for his “strength.”

“Be yourself, and your dream of working with NASA will definitely come true.”

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