ZTE presents another version of its invisible selfie camera

ZTE presents another version of its invisible selfie camera

After launching the Axon 20 5G smartphone with an almost invisible front camera, the ZTE replicates the experience and promises better integration of its underscreen camera technology.

In addition to dual screen trends (Surface duo), Stretchable (Oppo x 2021) Or foldable (Samsung galaxy fold), The search for borderless smartphones continues. ZTE on mobile Axon 20 The disappearance of the selfie camera was initiated in 2020, hidden under the screen for the use of various layers of transparent organic and non-organic materials. Unfortunately, the promise was only half kept, with the first tests on mobile showing very low quality of pictures. The Chinese manufacturer is replicating the experience with a second-generation integrated camera that should be used on its next flagship.

ZTE specifies that pixel density on the camera has been improved, from 200 ppi to 400 ppi, roughly in line with mobile performance. We must then understand, and hope, that the image quality will decrease this time. ZTE speaks for its share of “more consistent” performances. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether the amount of light on the mobile is sufficient for satisfactory performance in day and night. ZTE also states that the screen refresh rate has been increased from 90Hz to 120Hz and the camera incorporates 3D face recognition technology.

ZTE’s technological innovations were presented at the MWC in Shanghai, which is being held this week. Also had the opportunity to discover this eventOppo Wireless Air Charging, A new wireless charging technology forOppo x 2021.

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