2020 F1 Eiffel Grand Prix – Follow the final practice live! | F1

  2020 F1 Eiffel Grand Prix - Follow the final practice live!  |  F1

After another short break, Formula 1 is back in business as it returns to Nબrburging for the Eiffel Grand Prix.

Not being on the calendar since 2013, the F1 returns to a legendary place in Nબrburging – home to the dreaded Norschleif.

Given the time of year, the weather will definitely play out in its weekend with cold and humid conditions.

The Eiffel Grand Prix claims races where the F1 did not happen at some point, such as Emola and Turkey, or where the F1 did not run like the Portimas before heading to the Middle East to close this unique season.

The Russian Grand Prix 2020 proved decisive in the race for the crown of F1 drivers as Walter Botas returned to claim his second race of the season with a way to win at Sochi od Todrom.

Finn endured a difficult qualifying session but initially outscored Max Verstapen and then challenged teammate Lewis Hamilton in turn 1.

Fortune favored Botas on the occasion, while Hamilton was fined two separate times for violating the practice of allowing Botas and Max Verstapen to go through the stipulations allowing him to pass.

Bottas claimed a second victory in Russia ahead of Verstapen and Hamilton.

The distance in the championship now has seven rounds left and is at 44 points.

In terms of midfield fights, Sergio Perez led the pack to fourth place in Russia – beating fifth-ranked Renault’s Daniel Riccardo.

McLaren is third in the Constructors Championship, just two points ahead of the racing point, while Renault is five points ahead of fifth.

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What to expect this weekend?

Pirelli has nominated C2, C3 and C4 combinations this weekend – like Monza and Spa-Franceschamps.

With the expectation of rain, keep an eye on the ‘wet weather experts’ – Hamilton, Worstapen, Esteban Oaken and Lance Straw often offer the best rents in wet.


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