4 Scotland players to watch at Euro 2020

4 Scotland players to watch at Euro 2020

Qualified for the Euro for the first time since 1996, focusing on Andy Robertson and Karen Tierney’s Scotland.

The first time since the 1998 World Cup Tartan army Will participate in an international competition. A real event for this football-breathing nation. Worthy at the expense of formidable Serbia after a breathtaking penalty shootout, Andy Robertson’s partners have made personal arguments to hold on to any opponent, as the experts of our day say: Scottish Football FR.

1. LA Star: Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson is the captain of Scotland.

The experienced and more consistent counterpart of Trent Alexander-Arnold Liverpool Naturally the captain of Scotland is.

“Despite the ups and downs with the blue jersey, Andy Robertson’s influence is not to be underestimated, Cast light on Scottish Football FR, An expert in Scottish football in the language of Moli√®re. His experience (43 cap) is important in a selection that has never been known in great moments. “

Indeed, since 1998 and the French World Cup, the British selection has never tasted international sports. Winner experience Champions league 2019 There would not be negligible in a group where they would have to cross swords against the English enemy, Luka Modric’s Croatia and the Czech Republic.

2. Le Prodige: Kieran Tierney

Kiran Tierney with coach Steve Clarke.

Is an all-rounderArmory The talented Scottish develops just behind Andy Robertson in the left lane. Revealed on CelticThe 23-year-old prodigy is the player with the greatest potential in this selection.

“You only remember being one and everything comes to a halt. This is how to amass the influence and talent of Kieran Tirkey for Scotland.”, Exact, dithyrambic, Scottish football specialist. In every game, Arsenal shines and delights the hearts of the Tartan Army, enough to provide good hopes for the Euro. “

3. Potential Revelation: Ryan Christie

Ryan Christie is the technical leader of Scotland and Celtic.

Another player at Celtic revealed, Ryan Christie is the technical leader of this country at the height of his 22 years.

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“On November 12, 2020, people attacked in the name of Ryan Christie, an attacking midfielder who in many cases dazzled Scotland,” Takes us back Scottish Football FRIn the context of a play-off match for the Euro against Serbia, where Christie scored the only Scottish goal of the meet. Euro should establish Christie as one of the outstanding players coming from Sean Connery’s country “, He assured.

Distinguished by many clubs of Premier League, Neither Burnley et Norwich According to the latest echoes from the Scottish pressThe young prodigy’s career is on the verge of being taken to a new dimension.

4. Metronome: Scott McTomin

Scooter McTominay has taken a new dimension this season.

Master of midfield Manchester united Plays in defense with Scotland.

“In Steve Clarke’s 5-man defense, McTominay is the name that stands out the most. But in this hybrid pattern, the Manchester United midfielder may be the first to revive the Scottish offense despite being crucial in defense.“Excites account with 4,700 customers, confident of this revaluation.

From the top of his 22 cap, the versatile 24-year-old midfielder will be one of the keys to a potentially great career for the Tartan Army this summer.


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