5 Best Universities for Politics Degree 2023

Politics permeates every walk of our life. It concerns us all, including those claiming to be apolitical. Politics degrees remain highly popular among students considering their undergraduate and graduate study options.

According to Data USA, more than 48,500 political science and government degrees were awarded in 2020. With the current geopolitical clashes, Russia’s war against Ukraine, and expected wranglings over regional and global influence, we can expect a further increase in demand for politics degrees. Learn more about the 5 best universities that offer degree programs in political science.

–  Harvard University

Students interested in studying political science at Harvard put in their applications to the Department of Government. It is one of the world’s leading institutions in the study of political science. Studies are based on a broad range of methodologies, approaches, and extensive research.

Students interact with the university’s other schools, such as Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. They also gain access to Harvard’s vast resources, including the library, research computing cluster, and a range of other departments.

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–  Georgetown University

Students master a broad range of subjects, including political institutions and processes in the world and the United States; international and transnational relations; and the scope of political ethics, justice, rights, and obligations. Specific courses are grouped under the four subfields of American Government, Comparative Government; International Relations; and Political Theory.

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A degree in Government at Georgetown helps students develop skills in analytical and conceptual thinking, research, and interpretation. Many students master statistical techniques and go on to learn more complex research and data collection methods.

–  University of Oxford

One of Britain’s and the world’s top universities, Oxford, offers a master’s degree in political science. Students are able to learn individually or in small groups. Big seminars are also organized. The learning experience is accustomed to the individual needs of each student.

A range of master’s programs are offered, including the Master’s of Arts in Political Theory, the Master’s of Arts in International Relations, and the Master’s of Arts in Politics Research. Graduates go on to take up top jobs in the corporate world, civil service, and international organizations.

– Stanford University

Students at Stanford learn the mechanics of political decision-making. They master analytical thinking skills that help them pursue successful careers in a range of fields, including government, companies, and nonprofit entities.

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– Cornell University

Students studying political science at Cornell focus on the normative and philosophical roots of politics in general. Courses focus on political studies covering the United States as well as the whole world.

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The Department of Government offers lots of training opportunities, aiming to equip students with both theoretical and practical skills. Graduates are fully equipped to take up senior positions in both government and non-government sectors.

Final Thoughts

Politics shapes our lives in direct and indirect ways. Students who study politics might never make politicians, but they can always draw on the in-depth knowledge they require to develop rewarding careers in many other fields.

Politics degrees remain popular. The world’s top universities offer great degree programs. You can’t go wrong by picking any of the 5 best universities reviewed in this article.

Joanne Elliot is an experienced and popular writer and education expert. She posts regular reviews of current trends in the education sector, as well as the pros and cons of various undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Joanne’s articles and blogs are very popular among both students and tutors.


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