50 percent say Jeremy is “doing a little better” after being hospitalized with coronavirus

50 percent say Jeremy is

50 cents Has offered an update on JeremySinger and rapper’s condition after being admitted to the hospital after a positive test Corona virus.

Over the weekend, there were reports that Jeremy was hospitalized and placed in an intensive care unit on a breathing ventilator after contracting the virus.

On Sunday night (November 15), 50 Cent posted a photo of Jeremy on Instagram, sharing an update about his condition.

Centaus wrote, “Thank you for praying for my boy @ Jeremy,” he responds a little better today. “

Was 50 cents earlier Fans asked to send their prayers to Jeremy“It’s not doing well. This covid shit is real,” he said after revealing being in the ICU in Chicago.

Fans The Rapper Also Sent greetings to Jeremy on social media, Tweeting, “Please if you can take a moment to pray for my friend Jeremy.

“He’s like a brother to me and he’s sick. I believe in Jesus’ healing power so if you can do it for me please pray over it. “

Big scene Also Shared On Twitter “Pray for your prayers Jeremy, prayers”.

The story was original Reported by TMZ, Which was later revealed by an anonymous source to update his story that Jeremy’s condition had “gotten worse”.

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