6 nations 2021. Irish “In the Eyre” against Scotland

6 Nations 2021. Les Irlandais ''In the Eire'' face à l'Ecosse

l’Ireland is in the air

We have always wondered why Ireland never produced great sailors. The island did not bear the brilliance of the sea, even though their English and French neighbors colonized the world’s oceans. No, people in Ireland have their eyes fixed on the sky. Maybe their faith in God came from this love from heaven. Or fear of another flood. I can only see this explanation to understand Irish rugby players’ love for Fighting Heaven. This afternoon once again the Irish played and kicked and abused by candlelight.6 nations 2021. Ireland dominate Scots after first half purge [VIDÉO]His strategy was simple: Line up play time with a pass, then trigger a giant candle in hopes of winning the battle that ensued on the landing. And very often, these Hawaiian duets were won by the Irish. At best, it was an Irish recovery; In the worst case, the Scotsman was locked to the ground and the Irish were punished. How many puns won on the ground after one candle? How many midair fights did Keenan or Henshaw win? How many kicks are in a Gibson-Park box? It should be noted in passing that this Gibson-Park, the Irish scrum half, replaced Murray at Murrayfield. We logically thought that this stadium was Murray’s Garden, it was Gibson’s Park that had scratched its place.

Let’s also talk about the key, another springboard for the sky. Irish supremacy was also important here. So go in and jump in the air, that’s the strategy of XV of clubs. Seems like a profitable strategy since they won the match. And guess how the two got there test Irish? One by air fight, the other by pick and go.

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Henshaw must keep going

On the first try, Johnny Sexton sent a big cross to Earles, who jumped at the same time as the winger and the Scottish full-back. The ball falls in-goal without a winner and falls behind at the mercy of the first player. The passing Henshaw comes before the hogs who were camping on their hind legs. Overall, we would recognize a very good match from Robbie Henshaw, who sorted the balls, won all his aerial duels, and who is still impeccable defensively.

Beirne. morale in

An Irish player is renewed only when the incumbent becomes too old to play and is placed in the EHPAD. The use of a pacemaker and hip prosthesis is not prohibitive for playing on the national team, thus Sexton is planned. world Cup 2045, if he remembers his name by then. That’s why we’re always a little surprised to see new green faces. Beirne is one of those newbies we’ll know and then hate for the next 30 years. This is one that culminates in a green action with the classic pick and go. Helmet forward, Birney crossed the line and allowed the Irish to take the lead.

furlong tight walkers

Lastly, the best hooker of the match is Irishman Tag Furlong, who weighs 134kg. The two inner hooks that drop the two Scottish defenders are shocked by this dance move. Edinburgh seismologists were also surprised, who noticed two strange quakes, suddenly as intense: “Tag! Tag!”6 nations 2021.  Small circumference, tdhg furlong pillar drops all [VIDÉO]6 nations 2021. Small circumference, tdhg furlong pillar drops all [VIDÉO]

a good russell

One of the 1000 kicks made by the Irish had to be countered. Scots exaggerate the trait by blocking 4 times in a single action and all having favorable rebounds. A pinball style that smiles at Russell, one who likes the kind of mess test that suits him well.

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where did you go who jones ? The one who had worked wonders against the British a few seasons back had completely disappeared from the shelves. Two rests to go around the world, but Covid has been there. Forced to return to the country, Jones resumed service and returned to the field as a substitute. On an offensive attack, he blew Lowe on tackle, slamming the last defender and making a fine effort to allow the Scots to return to the game.

Macron Sponsor

Emmanuel is not the greatest of ecologists. His fight against the Greens is political and leads him to sponsor the Scots. That’s why we see his name in the heart of the Scottish jersey. He’s definitely in for an eclectic society, but doesn’t want to go back to Amish times. It was not happy in the third row in the tackle sequence hamish watson who felt hurt. He told Macron to show him that he had natural gas at his feet, not from an oil lamp. Tight close, tackle everywhere, Hamish Watson attempted to allow the Irish to return to parity.

end of match

In the last minute, the Irish tried to recover one last ball at the Scottish camp. The referee whistles a penalty that does not fail to convert Sexton. Ireland wins 27 to 24. More precisely than its rival, the club continues its unbeaten streak against Scottish Thistle. Next week, the Irish will host the English for a dagger draw match. As for the Scots, they will go for a walk againstItaly before approaching his final decider against the formidable Blues.

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