6 Nations 2021. Kovid or not, Scotland wants to play this Sunday!

6 Nations 2021. Covid ou pas, l'Écosse veut jouer ce dimanche !

We know that this is a cascade of positive cases from Kovid-19 that currently affect the group France. If for every second, each affected player is replaced, The question of good match performance inevitably arises. If presently, the meeting is maintained, it will be necessary to wait for the next few days, new tests carried out on the rest of the tricolor to see a little more clearly. In the end another question comes to mind in all of this. How about Scotland, rivaling the Blues at the Blade de France on Sunday?

Its various social networks, Scottish Rugby Union issued a statement In which he informs us that “The Scottish national team continue to prepare to face France in Paris this Sunday. Our players, coaches and fans hope that the match can be planned Almanac Tournament ”. Before specifying that a moratorium in recent hours, the agreement with the clubs would be effected: ”Any postponement would affect the agreement with the clubs, which could see more than 10 players from the squad absent for selection, if the schedule was reordered.“Then to confirm that the Scottish Federation will do everything in its power to ensure that the match happens, provided the health context allows it:”We will work closely with our six nations counterparts to ensure this week’s game, if it is medically safe to do so.”. An adjournment that would not be to the taste of the Scots. Case to be continued.


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