6 nations 2021. Meet Matt Fagerson, Scotland’s new 8 superpower

6 Nations 2021. Découvrez Matt Fagerson, le nouveau 8 surpuissant de l'Ecosse

Amores of Scotland, assimilating the audience Pro 14 Just a fan of either XV du Chardon, his name certainly didn’t sound unknown to you. Subconsciously, you probably associate him with your brother, Xander, more than he does. The likely result of his helmeted brother’s 36 selections, the one that has been the right axis of the scandal for some time. However, If there is one that shines in the beginning 6 nations tournament 2021 is good Matt fagersonYoungest among siblings. against France (But when?) Gora will definitely be aligned at number 8, when her eldest is suspended against a red card Wells two weeks ago. A boy who may give tricornores many concerns, as his power and his skill with the ball are formidable: English and Welsh – Scotland’s first 2 rivals in this tournament – can testify.

Matt? This is the 22-year-old third center line, born like a gender in pander. Is the Fenshons also part of the Scottish wave that Scotland has been using for years? Mulgo the Magut. In addition to being the largest city in Western Australia, Perth is also a beautiful city in central Scotland, full of 50,000 souls and famous for the charm of life. It is here, along the Tai River, that the two “brothers” thus discover the oval ball, before flying to the academy Glasgow Warrior’s. Spotted among young people already with selections for the U16 and then the Scottish U18, Matt made his debut with his province at the end of 2016, at just 18 years old, while his older brother earned national team honors Had to go For his second season with the grown-up, the very young number 8 signs his first pro contract, having been aligned with Glasgow 18 times, Even Sir Willy Purves receives Quaich, the trophy for the best young player of the season in Scotland! In the process, Fagerson also celebrated his first selection in a midnight blue jersey during the summer meeting against the United States, thus not yet turning 20, the youngest No. 8 in XV du Chardon’s history. At that time, experienced Josh Strauss And Ryan Wilson Still a step ahead, the Scottish staff, but the Scottish staff, who do not see such powerful boys parading every 4 mornings, show them a special interest. As he leaves a season at 6 Testing In 19 stints with his club, Fagerson is called upon to prepare for the 2019 World Cup. Blade Thomson At the altar of experience, his New Zealand training and his fine CV Super rugby (50 games), Perth’s kid doesn’t finally compost his ticket Japan. If disappointment should be great, whatever it is, Matt still has plenty of time to taste the joys of the Queen contest! Especially since it was certainly only postponed, so, after 18 months and last fall, The 22-year-old’s third line appears today as the position number 1 with the Scotland team.

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