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Culzean Castle - DR VisitScotland - Paul Tomkins

Do your customers want to travel and breathe in fresh air? Head for Scotland! Have they already seen Must-Watch and want to get off the beaten track? so much the better! Offer to them … south of Scotland. In the Scottish Border and Dumfries and Galloway areas, less concentrated tourism offers the opportunity to walk away from the crowds. However, a nice little itinerary will combine gastronomy and whiskey, experience around nature, a pinch of historical heritage and discover all the little-known landscapes…

Written by Sidoni Tabard on Thursday, January 21, 2021

Culzean Castle - DR VisitScotland - Paul Tomkins

Culzean Castle – DR VisitScotland – Paul Tomkins

The beautiful Scottish countryside is spread among the hills in the valleys of many rivers crossing the south of the country: Tweed, Dee, Annan, Isk … There are not the least arguments in favor of promises that are not too steep in height. Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders. If we choose more quickly A car, To rent in Glasgow or Edinburgh, to travel through these two southern regions, many possibilities Rise or cycle Pause to reconnect with nature. In the woods, of course, at Galloway Forest Park or Tweed Valley Forest Park, but near Loxh (lakes), such as Cauldshield Lake.

Phoenix Trail, Maby Forest - DR VisitScotland - Paul Tomkins

Phoenix Trail, Maby Forest – DR VisitScotland – Paul Tomkins

Mountain bikers will feast Accessible circuits for all levels including families, Such as 7Stanes in Kirstree or Glentrool. As a walker, they will appreciate many Forest routes and marked walking routes Such as the Roman and River Routes, or the Borders Abbeys Way, which connects Kelso, Jedburgh, Melrose and Dryburgh, the four ruins abbey. Easy route to find on VisitScland website.

in peace

Do you know that this is possible even in this peaceful south of ScotlandTo observe the stars clearly The Galloway Forest Park is thus rated “Dark Sky Reserve” by the International Dark Sky Association. A beautiful cloudless night can be expected to enjoy the telescopes of the Scottish Dark Sky Observatory or simply to see the stars with the naked eye! Easy in this place without light pollution … In the same spirit of stress-free tourism, there may be an opportunity to test alpaca hiking in the south of Scotland. If, in Roxburghshire, south of the Scottsburg borders, it is possible to accompany the lama’s cousin. Walk through the Cheviot Hills.

Horse Riding in Cheviot Hills - DR VisitScotland - David N. Anderson

Horse Riding in Cheviot Hills – DR VisitScotland – David N. Anderson

We progress at a leisurely pace of the animal, hold it by the bridle, and we rest. Further west, in an area with protected biodiversity, the “Galloway and South Ayrshire” biosphere reserve, recognized by UNESCO, offers An ideal setting for the environmentally friendly traveler. Exploring the fauna with a local guide, paddle boarding on the Loch Troll or purchasing local works and crafts, the wider the range of activities, the wider the habitat options in the midst of nature.
An Original Experience!

Seaside too!

The two southern and rural parts of Scotland lend themselves very well Sea voyages : On the North Sea, in the East, or along the Irish Sea, on the West. On the banks of the Scottish border, Bird watchers will find what they are looking for At St. Abs Head Nature Reserve. From the Puffins to the Northern Gannets, seabirds, including the moor, colonize the reefs. Watching them, in flight or nesting in a rock, is a beautiful moment of simple complexity with nature. More sporty can take a mountain bike tour, A passage dedicated to him. Stroll to be privileged in spring, when the park’s rich vegetation blooms and when butterflies flow in color.

On the west coast, between Iyer and Stanner, Landscape affects the eye of the traveler Picturesque portpatrick with neatly built houses – oh, by its rocks and small harbors! Further, in Solvay Firth, he will be able to find Beautiful sandy beaches, Such as The Doon or aptly named Sandhills. Here, in Dumfries and Galloway, local authorities have built the southwest coastal 300, A tourist trail The oldest point in Scotland passing through the Mull of Galloway. The trip offers a unique experience combining a cliff top cafe, a lighthouse with an impressive landscape and a conservation area for flora, fauna and birds.

Helm of Galway Lighthouse - DR VisitScotland - Kenny Lam

Helm of Galway Lighthouse – DR VisitScotland – Kenny Lam

“SWC300”, which is made up of a loop of about 500 km, represents If you want to visit this region then a beautiful route. It takes the traveler from the sea to the palaces and palace gardens such as the town of Dumfries and Thrive Gardens in Kirkudbright County or the very chic Drumlanring Castle. Amateurs must walk Botanical Garden Logan and his exotic decorations. Recommended walks for families in good weather to admire the diversity of species and colors of flowers.

Between fields and distillation

Rural area, southern Scotland has developed Offer a welcome agritourism. Perfect for recharging your batteries and showing life back on the farm! Tourists can Go on a car ride, watch a lamb demonstration Bringing a flock of sheep, etc. Above all, it is likely Drink local products : Barbecue Beef, Farmhouse Milk Ice Cream, Homemade Cheese and Cookies such as Loch Arthur Organic Coffee, etc. Even participate in a Cooking workshop For example around Scottish salmon. You can make a complete meal at Blackdaddy Country House in Sanchore.

In Scotland, Distillation There is no shortage of gin and whiskey. In Newton Stewart, Crafty Distillery offers tasting tours, in the hills of Galloway. And breweries, some of which are artisans, such as Tempest Brewing in Tweedbank, open their doors to visitors. Also at Castle Douglas, the Sultan brewers offered its lager making and tasted it.

Southern Upland Way - DR VisitScotland - Kenny Lam

Southern Upland Way – DR VisitScotland – Kenny Lam

This is the right time Do some exercise ! Curling, do you know? but if. This amazing game where contestants sweep the ice to propel a big boulder. The North West Castle Hotel in Stranor provides an introduction to this. Original! And why not try hiking between Scottish shores? Running 344 kilometers east to west, the southern upland route connects Cockburnplace in the Scottway border with Portpatrick on the Rhine of the Galway Peninsula. Allow an average of 16 days of walking on the hiking route from peacocks, rivers and border ends to this magical route.

Romanticism and the Palace

Abbotsford House - DR VisitScotland - Kenny Lam

Abbotsford House – DR VisitScotland – Kenny Lam

Scottish borders are full Medieval palaces and historic houses Like the castle of Thirslestane. As in Dumfries and Galloway, many of these defensive constructions, now in ruins, mark the landscape. Caerlaverock Castle, with its iconic triangular configuration, still seems on guard. In contrast, the fully preserved and later, Culzean palace overlooks the sea.

Born for this particular environment, Scottish literature has the distinction of being a place of discovery in the South of Scotland.. Between the great poet Robert Burns (Birthplace Museum) at Eske near the Dave River and Sir Walter Scott’s house at Abbotsford in Tweedford, the landscape of South Scotland invites these two writers to dive into the romanticism of these two writers.

In autumn, the red and orange colors that the trees receive give a soft light and an attractive relief, especially in the Alden Hills.
Do you know that it is possible to walk in the woods planted by author Ivano and even sleep in Abbotsford? Luxurious and popular accommodation. Celebrating the 250th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott’s birth is a great idea for 2021! Opportunities are also among the first to discover the great Scottish tapestry, whose new permanent exhibition space will open this year in the neighboring town of Galacial. It re-works on 160 tables of more than 10,000 years of Scottish history …

So, are you ready for the south of Scotland?

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