A (dis) originates from the United Kingdom ballot box: Tory England, Nationalist Scotland

A (dis) originates from the United Kingdom ballot box: Tory England, Nationalist Scotland

London Confirmation of conservative victory in England, nationalist victory in Scotland, Labor in Wales. The UK election Super Thursday gives a divided country where Labor and Tory policy proposals fail to unify the various countries in the state. The countering operation, slowed by anti-Kovid measures, has turned into conservative colors on Friday: Boris Johnson’s party’s support in administrative elections in England, reaffirming his electoral grip on rural and peripheral areas of the country, for the party’s role Blames Labor for the urban elite (Manchester wins and must be re-organized in London too) who no longer know to speak on the electoral grounds of their old cadres. But Saturday came the Scottish Nationalists Saturday, followed by the British Conservative Party.

Nicola Sturgeon’s party won a majority in the Edinburgh Parliament for the fourth time in a row, making a victory widely anticipated. The only question on the table was the extent of success: The SNP Scottish Nationalist Party won 63 seats, two short for an absolute majority. “Just as there is no democratic justification for Boris Johnson, or whoever it is, tries to block the Scottish people ‘right to choose their future,” Sturgeon proclaims, which indeed demands, to Scotland. A new referendum to separate from the Kingdom. . United and then returned to Europe.

Sturgeon’s winning prowess and good management have its foundation in the way that nationalist leaders have been able to carry out during the epidemic, but claim even more in independence that the half-population living north of Hadrian’s Wall is throbbing is. Also adding SNP seats and the Greens’ people, to the renunciation of the state, the next Scottish Parliament will have a pro-independence majority. The SNP leader said, “I will give the country the option of a better future”.

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London is responsible for constitutional issues and Johnson has always stated that he does not intend to hold Scotland one after the other in 2014, a referendum. Salmond, the then independence leader, called it a unique opportunity, a train that passes once in life. Brexit has changed everything, Sturgeon said today, who asked Scott for a second referendum for a stronger referendum. Nationalists are moving towards a vote in late 2023, but London were to continue their refusal, with the SNP – which has always claimed to remain in constitutional legalism, to be confronted with a possible Catalan scenario, K Fracture on the strategy of proceeding with risk. But after Brexit, can the votes of the people, reclaimed sovereignty, London disguise itself as Brussels and ignore the demands of the Scottish nationalists? Yesterday, in an interview with the Telegraph, Johnson’s theory did not give way to an idea of ​​the current inappropriateness of voting due to the epidemic, a situation that leaves the door open for future consultation. After months of apparent independence, elections in recent weeks return a narrow majority in favor of the Union, also thanks to the economic support received from London during the epidemic. But to believe that an identity fight with money can be won (only) would be an unforgivable mistake to bring the country out of the European Union.


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