A fairytale keeper on a Scottish island! This is the dream job of summer 2021

  A fairytale keeper on a Scottish island!  This is the dream job of summer 2021

Who said dream jobs don’t exist? For those who are tired of juggling between office and traffic in the city, there is a way out: a tiny Scottish island, Cana (yes, it’s called, don’t laugh) offers so much lucrative work that it has is unbelievable. We are in the Highlands, the most famous and touristy area in the whole of Scotland, and the job does not require any experience.

According to the announcement, the salary offered is excellent, but not only: will work in a beautiful typical Scottish house of the early twentieth century, which has become a “guest house” today. A kind of small family operated hotel. Anyone working in Kanna will be constantly immersed in nature, with a stone’s throw from the ocean and a breathtaking view always within reach.

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Besides the guest house there is also a small restaurant to serve, and although it is small it is very popular and known in the area for the excellent quality of service, fresh fish and friendliness. For this reason, the announcement published on Facebook states that a “can” approach is needed, which can be translated as “active” in Italian.

In short, you have to be busy, but there is no need to have experience in this area, the training will be free upon arrival and those who hire are also guaranteed to sleep, free and surrounded by nature.

What could be better than well-paying weather, away from everything but immersed in nature and well integrated into a family and tourist context without any stress? Probably nothing, in fact, if you think about it, not even the best stressful but well-paying office job can compete with living on a Scottish island, the sunsets, chatter and friendliness of the region. is enjoying. For those interested, nothing is easier than contacting Tigard Guest House via Facebook.

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