A “heart” gift from Scotland to the RSA against loneliness – Chronicle



Those colorful knitted hearts, which were made in the Glasgow area in Scotland as a cozy idea for patients in isolation at hospitals and retirement homes, have also flown into Barga. After a planned cleaning on Saturday morning, he will visit the guests of the Giovanni Pascoli Rest Villa in Barga. The director of the Barghigiana RSA, Gabriele Giovanetti, and with him the president of the Giovanni Pascoli Benevolent Society of Chicago, Silvia Manno, who arrived in recent weeks from the United States (the philanthropist is the association that has always supported the work and development of the Villa di Reposo di Barga). Those woven hearts were born a while back to send messages to isolated patients in the Glasgow area and thanks to a push from a Scottish woman, Eve McHall, the initiative has spread. Arlene Dee also carried it forward: Hearts reached several hospitals in the Glasgow district and the RSA, but then Arlene continued to make her think that she could be appreciated even outside the city. From here you will reach Barga. And a new generation of bargo-scot Gianmarco Marroni, who has been a paramedic in Scotland for years, took care of it. Luca Gelotti

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