A hospital in “lockdown” for 3 hours after “serious incidents” (video)

A hospital in

According to the police, several incidents take place at various places. The first took place at the hospital site, while two others were in the city center. Local officials said on Twitter without first clarifying the nature of these interventions, “These areas are closed and the public is asked to avoid them.”

Crawford McGuffey, director of the medical department of the hospital concerned, said: “There has been an incident in the area of ​​Crossbook Hospital. As a result, the hospital was placed on lockdown and ambulances were sent to other hospitals. We support the Scottish Police in their investigations and ensure the safety of staff, patients and visitors. “

According to Sky News, a hospital employee was stabbed. It was one of three “serious incidents” that police have linked.

“The investigation into these incidents is in a preliminary stage and these areas are currently closed. There is no need to worry more broadly. Scottish police have confirmed that the incidents are not believed to be terrorism related.


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