A Journey to Accelerate the Brittany-Scotland Cooperation Brittany Region

We took the opportunity of our visit to Cop 26 to strengthen cooperation between Brittany and Scotland: energy, fishing, culture… which could open fruitful collaborations.

brittany area

Brittany is one of the regions that went to Scotland to present its climate actions at COP 26 at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (November 1 to 12, 2021). A visit was also organized to strengthen cooperation between Brittany and Scotland. Regional President Loge Chesnais-Girard and his six vice-presidents met with their Scottish counterparts in Edinburgh and Glasgow to discuss shared topical issues: ecological transition and marine energy and hydrogen, fishing, university cooperation, cultural exchange between Celtic nations. -Provided development.

Four directions to strengthen cooperation

For example, there is already strong cultural ties between Scotland and Brittany, through the Lorient Interceltic Festival. But other areas could open up promising cooperation in areas related to these two maritime zones. Our two Celtic nations have projects to build together despite the obstacles posed by Brexit, in four areas in particular:

  • peach
  • Marine Energy: Offshore Wind and Tidal Turbines
  • Higher Education: University Exchanges and Student Mobility
  • Culture

A Celtic bow to cooperation between Celtic countries

We also plan to hold a summit of the Celtic regions with Scotland, Wales, Ireland in 2022… Idea: Developing a variant of the Celtic Arch to take another step in the cooperation between the Celts countries. ” NSThat Brexit shouldn’t stop us from working together, nor should borders stop us from sharing an identity.”, underlines the president of the Brittany region, Log Chesnais-Girard. For example, this regional diplomacy could notably reduce the consequences of Brexit for student mobility and maritime transport.

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Cop 26. in Brittany area

Some 200 countries are participating in Cop 26 for Climate by 12 November and thousands of other transitional actors, regions, cities, companies or associations are also participating in the talks. From November 3 to 8, Britney mobilized to promote her actions in favor of the climate:

  • Breeze Cop – 1Time Regional COP,
  • Renewable energy, especially marine energy (Saint-Brieac wind farm, floating wind project in southern Brittany, tidal turbines, etc.),
  • Sustainable agriculture (support for agricultural transition, conservation of land and biodiversity),
  • tree plan
  • Breeze BioDiv Foundation to support green projects
  • New area of ​​maritime transport by sail,
  • Support for Breton explorers
  • Future High Council for Climate,
  • eco-socio-terms,

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