A “magnificent” island auctioned for less than 100,000 euros


While a part of humanity, tired of a period of imprisonment that has been tied up for a year, dreams of the great street, the British auction house will offer a desert island for future property auction sale Scotland. Icing on the cake: opening offer, almost set 93.000 Euros, As indicated by prohibitive Cnn.

Deer Island, located in the Scottish Highlands, is a 4.5 hectare uninhabited reef Lost in the “beautiful and calm” body of water Explains the auction house, on the “magnificent” west coast of Scotland. Seals and dolphins will be the immediate neighbors of future owners. Islet belongs to the same family for 500 years, Before he decides to sell it.

“It really is rocks and trees (…) There is no construction (…) The island is completely uninhabited For 500 years, “property manager Stephen McCluskey told CNN.

Port of future home for a yacht?

While the auction is scheduled to take place on March 26, some have not waited for the auction of Future Property. For example, a potential buyer would want to use Deer Island as one Home port for his yacht, While another will build Kayaking Vacation Center. The auction house expects the land to be sold Between 175,000 and 235,000 Euros.

“With this type of property, you get all kinds of buyers – foreign investors, wealthy landlords, Romantic who love the idea of ​​owning a Scottish island“, Stefan Macaluski develops. It will be necessary to wait until March 26 to find out the name of the lucky winner.

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