A man shows up naked as Joe Biden walks

Joe Biden se rendait d

US President Joe Biden, on his way to COP26 in Scotland on Tuesday, November 2, was surprised to be photographed by a man naked…» Read also- Climate: In Glasgow, a COP26 for nothing?

Journalists traveling with the US president reported on the incident that occurred while Joe Biden was traveling from Edinburgh to Glasgow, where the climate summit is being held. “At one point, while we were still on the country roads, a tall, naked Scotsman stood at his window, taking a picture of the procession with his phone.”, he noted in his report.

It’s not certain that Joe Biden has caught this watchful onlooker since”Animal”, the nickname given to his armored vehicle. In 2016, Biden’s White House predecessor Donald Trump was greeted upon arrival at Glasgow Prestwick Airport with music by a Mexican musical group called Juan Direction. This unexpected welcome committee was created in response to a proposal by then US presidential candidate Donald Trump to build a wall on the southern border of the United States to prevent Mexican immigrants from entering.

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