A new generation is pushing for freedom

A new generation is pushing for freedom

Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) is hoping for a majority in regional elections on 6 May to eventually call for a second independence referendum from Boris Johnson. Brexit has given the SNP a large number of young voters, but unlike former pioneers, the new generation of nationalists no longer want to hit the wall with their heads.

Supporters of Scottish independence in an action in the summer of 2020. If the Scottish National Party (SNP) wins the regional election, they expect a second independence referendum.

Jeff J Mitchell / Getty

It was a daring move that in December 1950 made Ian Hamilton one of the greatest heroes of the Scottish independence movement: the student drives from Glasgow to London with three companions in a small car, and the young nationalists have a Adventure Plan’s Stuff at Westminster Abbey in London stone of scion – A 150-pound piece on which the Scottish kings were once crowned. In 1296, however, the English king Edward I brought the stone to London and integrated it into the coronation chair, since then the British king sat on the stone after ascending the throne: Scottish nationalists saw what symbolized the union of the two kingdoms. The British approach as a sign of repression. But now Hamilton and his accomplices have managed to break into Westminster Abbey in the early hours of Christmas Day, drag the stone into a car and smuggle it into Scotland. “Joy spread across the country,” recalls Hamilton, now 96, over the phone. “I never would have imagined that our action would generate such a huge response.”

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