A piece of Harley-Davidson history for sale in Scotland

Le cottage est un passage obligé pour tous les fans de la marque Harley-Davidson.

Notice to all lovers of Harley Davidson, It is not every day that we have the opportunity to get our hands on such treasures. The Scottish house where William C., co-founder of the Harley-Davidson brand. Davidson was born and raised in 1846.

Better known today as Natharton Cottage, or Davidson Legacy, the house housed the entire Davidson family until they moved to the United States in 1858, where a relative of William’s mother Margaret (in Milwaukee) Was. If the rest of the story is an integral part of the brand’s legend today, the roots of the co-founder of this American symbol with Bill Harley, and his taste for mechanics have come to life on the east coast of Scotland, between Forfar and Brechin .

A piece of Harley-Davidson history for sale in Scotland

Completely restored from 2008 to 2012 by former owners, true Harley-Davidson lovers, the cottage has lost none of its charm. Part of the original house, built in 1720, is even built the old fashioned way, as the house may have been when little Davidson had his first motorcycle dreams.

Priced around £ 320,000 or € 370,000, the property also has land and a second home, modern and designed to accommodate tourists.

A piece of Harley-Davidson history for sale in Scotland

A lodge that allows you to immerse yourself in the universe of the Davidson family before you decide to live your American dream. A profitable option since it happened Build a myth.

An investment that will match perfectly New hardwire strategy Of the brand!


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