After Ireland, the total match in England and Scotland, the tournament was played in a bubble?

Après l'Irlande, reconfinement total en Angleterre et en Ecosse, le Tournoi joué dans une bulle ?

The situation is not getting better across the channel. And although the governing body wants 6 nations tournament, And indicates that it will take place, one can think about the conditions of the organization. Actually,England, Through its prime ministerial voice being rigorously re-fined in the spring when a new strain of the virus is spreading more contagiously. This new imprisonment may last until mid-February. As a reminder, Scotland has to be received on the 6th of the following month of XV. A rival who announced his return to imprisonment on Monday for the entire month of January. note thatIrelandWho should go Wells During the first day, at the beginning of the year redefined its population. For now, only France And thisItaly It has not been decided yet.

We imagine that players will continue to be tested regularly. They may need to be trained in a health bubble as the conditions were in decline to ensure a good performance of the matches. However, these are likely behind closed doors. We do not see how different governments can authorize the movement of population under these circumstances. If the situation does not develop in the right direction, the whole organization of 6 nations can be called into question, with borders closed to all. While this is important for the location at which the tournament takes place, it is not impossible that the company in charge of the competition is looking at the possibility of matches being played at one and the same venue.

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