After SpaceX in the US, Scotland is preparing to design its first spaceport

SpaceX Falcon 9

Not long ago, a job offer highlights SpaceX’s ambitions Boca Chica, Texas. Musk’s space company was stating that she wanted to appoint a resort development manager, who dedicates someone to develop a new resort, suggesting that the space be used for individuals to travel on space. Will be done for

A spaceport to launch small satellites

SpaceX will soon face a new competitor, whose spaceport has just received a new full license. It is a facility that will be built and operated in the north of Sutherland, north of Scotland. The space should represent 740 hectares for a launch pad, a control center and a road of about 2.5 km. The infrastructure will be significantly smaller than the US company, as the satellites launched will be smaller.

According to the newspaper’s report, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) will be in charge of the development agency. Northern Times. A £ 17.3 billion budget has been approved, with funds from the UK Space Agency and the Nuclear Demotion Authority.

If the project is still far from being commissioned, this new spaceport has already gained authorization to launch several commercial satellites and launchers. There can be up to 12 launches per year. It is the startup Orbex that will benefit in the coming years as this spaceport will be its launch site. The startup is working on the design of Britain’s first reusable orbital launch vehicle. The location can also host US missions, as the US and Scotland have signed an agreement to allow its spaceport to be used by other countries – such as the United States.

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British Space Agency CEO Graham Turnock welcomed the new recognition: ” Increasing our national launch capacity will bring new jobs and investment to communities across the UK. The Space Hub Sutherland is an integral part of these plans and today’s news strengthens our position as the leading European destination for small satellite launches. […] The UK government is committed to reducing the environmental impact of spaceflight activities and is developing a national space strategy that recognizes the unique contribution of satellite technology to our understanding of global issues such as climate change. »

At the moment, it is not yet known when this spaceport may be operational.


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