After traveling 150 kilometers to go on a date, he finds a rabbit and receives support from all over the world

After traveling 150 kilometers to go on a date, he finds a rabbit and receives support from all over the world

The story of a man who traveled three hours to live his first date in two years and who ate dinner alone after being put on a bunny touched many internet users.

credit: craig.moffat / TikTok

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In any case, it had a big impact on social networks and the main interested party received significant online support. This is Craig Moffat. The 21-year-old left her home in Edinburgh to join Aberdeen, hoping to meet the man who would make her a successful person, but she never came.

Craig Moffatt traveled about 150 kilometers by train between the two Scottish cities, and even took the opportunity to buy a first class ticket to get there in the best possible conditions. Describing his experience, in a TikTok video, Craig said that he was single for two years, but was very excited to finally be united. appointment.


Maybe now isn’t the time to get out there… ##Heart broken ##allwomenarethesame ##fpy

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“I can’t wait, I’m so excited” He adds during another sequence where we can see the countryside scrolling through the train window. Wearing a waistcoat and tie, she then posted a video of her arriving at a fancy restaurant 20 minutes earlier and nervously waiting for her date. But less than an hour later, it’s disaster: He shared a picture with the caption “It’s been 35 minutes and she still hasn’t come.”

Lastly, the rest of the video posted on TikTok shows the young man having lunch alone and giving himself a round of shots. We see them waiting for the return train on the station platform with a special message: “I think I’ll go home. Maybe it’s not the time to try again. I couldn’t wait for this moment to happen.”

A missed event and a surge of solidarity across the web

Immediately, a multitude of Internet users supported Craig Moffatt by sending heartfelt messages and refusing to let go of his quest for true love. sure TIC Toc, the video has been viewed over 5.2 million times and garnered nearly 800,000 likes from 22,000 comments.

credit: craig.moffat / TikTok

What if his soul mate was among all these people?

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