All against a united state. For Scots Hero Mancio

All against a united state. For Scots Hero Mancio

William Wallace was born in Eidersley, ten kilometers from Glasgow, therefore in Scotland, in 1270. He ended his life in London in 1305. It was he who led the popular rebellion against King Edward I of England, who first deposed and then imprisoned John Balliol, King of Scotland. He was packed braveheart, with epic and historical errors, with five Hollywood Oscars by Mel Gibson, but many boons from Glasgow and Edinburgh audiences. Wallace defeated the British from parts of Abbey Craig, even reaching Newcastle. He was chosen to be the hero, but the legend faded a year later, when Edward I took his revenge at Falkirk. Wallace was imprisoned in Glasgow in 1305, transferred to London, on 5 August, tried for treason (he had never sworn allegiance to Edward I), hanged, Killed, beheaded. The longer introduction should serve to better illustrate Wallace Braveheart’s story and the cover image that The National, the Scottish independence newspaper, has dedicated to Roberto Mancini in a photoshop that makes him resemble Gibson, with a painted face. With. of Scotland), headline: “Save us Roberto, you are our last hope”, under the title: “We can’t bear that they blab for another 55 years…”. Now at most, our city has allowed some minor adjustments to his face, but I refrain from painting his face to attack the Southgate army. We also hope that the story’s epilogue is different from what happened with Wallace. Scotland cheers Italy, The Scotsman, the country’s biggest newspaper, doesn’t deserve a single line of tonight’s event. Could not have been for a thousand more years, their brave hearts forced the Southgate national team to equalize in the same theater yesterday, that was their goal, to prevent the English party from celebrating, reminding them of sixty Quit in -six and that’s it. Watch them live with nostalgia and dreams.

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London finds itself isolated, the rest of Europe and the world trailing the Italians, the Kingdom not united, apart from the Scots, Great Britain heeds the pro-Azuri appeal, the Irish of Belfast, the people of the Republic of Dublin, the Welsh . The French, ça va sans dire, followed by the Germans and the Spaniards, overall: after leaving Europe, England is rediscovered, not even seduced, but abandoned, its The superiority has become inflamed with the complex, which is confirmed in the glorious thirties by a newspaper headline titled “Fog In”. Channel, Continent Cut Off », Fog on Channel, Isolated Continent. Nothing has changed since then, with the British carefully and smartly preparing this final, with their stadium stands again full of fans, the anthem of God Save the Queen making them feel like three more lions. By the way, Elizabeth II, who was sixty-six at the time of the trophy distribution and the Godmother finalist, will be staying at her London home tonight, handing over the football to her nephew William to defend the homeland. We’ll respond with Sergio Mattarella and some other institutional figures. our brave hearts.


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