All smiles in Scotland to begin their “Hollyrood Week” with Elizabeth II, William

All smiles in Scotland to begin their

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Let’s go to “Holy Week”. The week of commitments that Queen Elizabeth II ensures in Scotland every year in late June–early July, so baptized in reference to her royal residence, Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, where she settled on the occasion. Canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it could be scheduled this year but without meetings bringing many people together, such as the traditional royal garden party at Holyroodhouse.

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The factory where Iron Brew is made

The Sovereign’s Scottish event began on Monday, 28 June 2021 in the town of Cumbernauld, 25 km northeast of Glasgow. Their new facilities were expected to be inaugurated at the AG Barr factory. A soft drink manufacturer and listed on the stock exchange, this company is most famous for the production of Iran Brew. Launched in 1901, it is a symbol of Scotland. To rival whiskey as the nation’s national drink “more known” As the perfect hangover cure “, remembered daily Mail.

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Dressed in a blue coat and a single-coloured cap adorned with blue and white flowers, the 95-year-old emperor was all smiles. She didn’t come alone. He was accompanied by his grandson Prince William, who was second in line to the crown after his father, Prince Charles. related to this tour, daily Mail Clarified that the Duke of Cambridge – known as the Earl of Strathearn in Scotland – will not be the only one accompanying Queen Elizabeth II during “Hollyrood Week”. His daughter, Princess Anne, will join him to attend his engagement on Wednesday and next Thursday.

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