All the things that “Scotland does” as the Scots again think of independence

All the things that

Sometimes normal people also help. Yes, even national-touristy ones, on a normal-to-see and “to-do” basis, which everyone knows at least from rumors about a destination or country.

This is the case of Scotland, a region that is just as attractive to travelers as it is a prisoner of two or three images that we all have in our heads. Only then, as has happened in recent weeks, does the story make a strong comeback to move forward and so we find that a secular theme is boiling back to Scotland: independence.

Let us leave this subject – which is much larger than Scotland – for political and economic news and return to our cliché. It is the Scots themselves who, under the guise of their tourism promotion organization, not only hide them, but, on the contrary, display them. I’m sure if they became commonplace, there would be a good reason.

Let’s look at some of them and we will find that many travel ideas are born of mixing.

Bagpipe. Music is an excellent key to “reading” a country and people everywhere. The sound of “pipe” is ubiquitous in Scotland and the formidable Royal Edinburgh military tattoo in Edinburgh does not have to be fortunate enough to be able to be heard, there are also highland games and innumerable events and ceremonies, not to mention street players for. But the bagpipe sanctuary is undoubtedly National piping center Of Glasgow.

All things

Flag. The white cross of St. Andrew on a blue background seems to be the oldest European banner. Andrew, a fisherman on the Sea of ​​Galilee and the link between remote Scotland, is assigned to the origins of Christianity in the Nordic lands. It is likely that the flag, also known as Saltaire, was born in 822 at the sight of King Angus during the battle against the Saxons at Athelstenford. And there Saltaire also has its own “holy place”, National Flag Heritage Center.

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All things

Tartan. What is Scottish more than Scottish clothes? You can find it everywhere, in most tourist shops and in the most sophisticated boutiques. Tartan is the core component of an almost infinite range of clothing and accessories, but its most well-known application is undoubtedly the kilt. You will certainly remember Sean Connery with the typical kilt that usually accompanies Sporan – the front purse – by a brooch, which is always in the front, holding the ends together and, rarely, sgian dub. , A small dagger inserted in a sock.

But the kilt, born like a tartan in the highlands, was originally not just a kilt but a long piece of more than 5 meters, along with the shoulders, around the waist, ready to be exposed to protect the entire body from the wind on the shoulders. got changed. And rain .. Sulo Tartan’s scottish register Find a collection of thousands of color combinations.

All things

Bhatkaiya. Yes, she is the Scottish floral symbol, what is the rose for England and the lily for France. Why? mystery. The fact is that you can find it everywhere and poems and order of chivalry are inspired by it. The author has a marginal opinion on the reason for such nobility for a plant that is all too polite: thistle is the basic element for an essential stage of wool processing, called carding. And here we go back to tartan and lehenga….

All things

Nessie. Let us also put the Loch Ness monster between folklore and darshan (?). If nothing else, the lizard offers the opportunity to travel to the beautiful and cool Scottish lakes that dot the highlands.

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All things

Stone of Scotland’s honor and fortune. A visit to the magnificent Edinburgh Castle is a must for any tourist in Scotland. Honors are placed here, which is the royal insignia of the Scottish crown, and since they are, with the first stone used for the throne of kings, the basis of the complex Scottish historical event with its wars and legends, we leave it To deepen you. Also because the cliché will not end. Still Whiskey, Haggis, Ghosts, Gaelic, Highlands Games….

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