Almonds against sturgeon (and freedom moves away) –

Almonds against sturgeon (and freedom moves away) -

It is an internal war that separates them from our corruption Scottish separatists: And who risk ending their ten-year dream of being away from London. Confrontation sees one against the other Two of Scotland’s most important political figures in recent times: On the one hand, Alex Salmond, the father of Reason, who dominated the scene in Edinburgh for 2o years; Other his disciples, Nikola Sturgeon, Who succeeded him to the post of party and government in 2014, following a lonely referendum debacle. but in the end, Come on in «Highlander», Will remain only one.

Tomorrow is almond Testimony for hours before Scottish Parliament committee inquiry: Accused the country’s leadership of “failing” Sturgeon Lying for deputation. If proven, it would mean the Premier’s resignation. The almonds will not stop Nothing suffered: he took revenge against his former Protect. He was on trial two years ago Serious sexual assault charges: But then, despite being most aware of his deplorable conduct, he was sensationally acquitted. Former leaders are convinced that A conspiracy was made against him From the beginning Sturgeon, To eliminate his cumbersome presence from the political landscape: now he is determined to drag everyone into the dust. And he claims that the Premier was aware of the investigation against him. She refuses.

The saga risks undermining Scotland’s march towards independence. Which seemed inevitable: Nationalist party ready for victory Based on local elections in May and this popular mandate, A new referendum. This time, in contrast to 2014, separatists ventured into their sail, driven by Angry at Brexit (Who is scots Always opposed) And satisfaction with dealing with competent epidemics of sturgeon. But now Scandal This has shown the party-state nature of nationalist formation in power and the latest surveys lead to a independence retreat. In London, he rubbed his hands.

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