Anders Holch Povlsen: Zalando major shareholder and asylum in Scotland

Anders Holch Povlsen: Zalando major shareholder and asylum in Scotland

Every six weeks, it is said, Anders Holk Povelson (48) flies to his place of longing, Aldauri Castle on Red Ness, with battles and towers. He then sees a part of his realm that is too large. The den already owns about 80,000 hectares. They have invested over 130 million euros. This makes him the largest private landowner in Scotland, with even the Queen having less.

Whenever an estate is up for sale, Povlson is ready. Sometimes he has to brake, his right hand says, Thomas McDonnell, the Scots are not slowly taking the ground. Povlson’s answer is usually: Let’s hope we continue to sell enough fashion.

In his main job, Polson organized one of the largest hyperventilations on the European Internet; He is the spirit rector and a great beneficiary of web-based fast fashion: a tendency to buy as much fashion as possible in short time intervals.

Povlsen transformed her parents’ business into one of Europe’s largest fashion groups in the Jutland brand

Povlsen owns 10.03 percent of the German fashion mail order company Zalando (Package value: about 2.1 billion euros), about 29 percent of its German rival is about AAP, which is set to be listed on the stock exchange soon, 26.41 percent of its British counterpart Essos (value: about 1.3 billion euros ). The Nucleus Company has its own fast fashion maker bestseller, with brands such as Vero Moda, Only or Jack & Jones. Povlsen has transformed its parent’s business into a brand of Jutland, one of Europe’s largest fashion groups, with a turnover of 3.2 billion euros. At the age of 28, after studying economics in Berlin and Cambridge, he joined.

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