Andy Murray is back on top of the ‘challenging’ route, but is keen to ‘win some more tournaments’.

Andy Murray is back on top of the ‘challenging’ route, but is keen to ‘win some more tournaments’.

The battle to move up in the rankings is a challenge for Andy Murray, but the three-time Grand Slam winner insists he can still “win some more tournaments”.

After slipping into the world’s top 500 following an extended lay-off fun due to hip resurfacing surgery, Murray is set to return to 111.

However, being out of the top 100 means you are likely to have a difficult draw in the first few rounds of the Grand Slams and that has certainly happened for Murray in the last few weeks.

He will face 16th seed Felix Ger-Eliasim in the second round at the US Open while at the French Open he will face former champion and three-time Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka in his opener on Sunday.

The 33-year-old knows the road to the top will be difficult, but he is not giving up.

“All I like is six months of continuous practice, tournaments, rest,” Murray said. “The hard thing is, now that I’ve got the rankings, I feel good this week and then I draw Stan in the first round. Or Djokovic.

“In Cincinnati, I defeated three-ranked Zverev (Alexander). You are playing the best players at the beginning of tournaments and, with a two-year ranking system, it is very difficult to improve your ranking.

“To reach 50 in the world, the point you will need is usually more than that. Players are adding to the number of their points, while apart from Antwerp and year-end issues, I have hardly any points on the computer.

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“The only thing that will be challenging is to make sure you are ready for the tournaments, play against the top players at the beginning of the events and win. Have a little faith in the draw and hopefully get a few breaks along the way.

“I know it will be really difficult to get back there, but I think, if I have five, six months, where I am able to participate in tournaments and I can practice, I can win some more tournaments. And win a little better. “

Wawrinka is ranked 16th in the Land Land Garros, but has returned to the top after struggling with injuries for a few years.

“We came on tour at the same time, it was probably a year or so before me, and then we both suffered injuries over the last few years,” Murray said of his Swiss opponent.

“I would say that over the last few years we’ve probably gotten closer. I give him a little message, he gives me messages after matches and tournaments, which would not have happened six, seven years ago.

“Besides, we are going through different trauma problems at the same time, there is mutual respect. I’m glad he got himself back to playing top tennis after a pretty nasty knee issue. He is a great, great player and a good person. “

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