Answer. Documentary “In the Scottish lands of France”, exploring the strong link between Scotland and the Center-Val de Loire

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Do you know that Berry has strong ties with Scotland. Every year in Aubagne-sur-NERE, Franco-Scottish festivals take place. As part of a documentary, the director met enthusiasts of this culture and the link that unites these two corners of Europe.

Let’s dive into the Scottish soil of France to meet the film’s characters and go back into history to better understand why we could meet with men in Berry’s heart, or even anywhere in the area Huh!

Robert Amayit Mackinnon’s Story

Robert Amayette Mackinnon was born in Montreal, Canada. His parents raised him according to Scottish traditions. That’s what he gets to know Bourbonize-berry bagpipes !

For him, it has always been natural to play to “sound” the great bagpipe. Robert falls in love with it and makes it his passion. He then landed in France and decided to make it his profession. It is in France that he meets his wife Christelle. Seamstress, she decides to make her kilo with the tartan (clothes) of her ancestors. His style would gain momentum with enthusiasts and other factions in France and America.

Robert and Christel decide to live with their family in the middle of this Scottish land of France after exploring the small village of Aubagne-sur-Ner during the holidays.

“When we arrived in Aubagne, already, a magnificent city and we found ourselves surrounded by Scotland, because this is Scotland, we are in France, but this is Scotland.”

Quickly, they realize that Scotland is very present and culturally expressed.

Le Kallan Mackinnon

Robert represents the Mackinnon clan in Europe. It is a Scottish clan that is a cultural anchor. Being part of a clan allows you to build an identity, be part of a larger family.

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You can be adopted into a clan and bear your name.

What is Auld Alliance?

Described by General de Gaulle in 1942 as being the oldest coalition in the world, the Auld Alliance means “Old Alliance”.

It comes from the alliance formed between France, Scotland and Norway against England. The first mark of this alliance is 1295. It was signed in Paris between representatives of Jean Balliol, Kings of Scots and Philippe Le Bell. The treaty provided that if one state was attacked by England, the other states would attack England.

Over the years, wars escalate manifold and the coalition remains strong. Between 1326 and 1558 it was renewed up to 25 times.

Today, better known to Scots than Scots, as it is taught in Scottish schools, the Auld Alliance remains one of the first to mark its national identity, distinguishing them profoundly from English.

The Franco-Scottish festivals of Aubagne-sur-NERE ​​remember it every year! There is also a museum dedicated to it..

A city that looks like Scotland: Aubagne-sur-N.E.R.E.

Aubagne-sur-Ner is a charming city located in the Cher department in the center-Valle de Loire area. It is particularly known for its festivals which take place during summer.

“The city of Aubagne-sur-Ner, which is a few tens of kilometers north of Borges, is the heart of this Scottish land in France, which, while remaining faithful to its history, has today made it a real wealth.”

This small town of Berry is connected to the Scottish town of Haddington, which was given by Charles VII in 1423. John Stewart of Danley, as a reward for services rendered to the Constable of the Scots.

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You should know that Aubin-sur-NER is not the only Franco-Scottish city in the Center-Val de Loire area. For example, Oizon, Orléans, Bourges, Mehun-sur-Yèvre is …

Navigate this map bringing together places of Franco-Scottish culture:

Some Scottish products in the Center-Val de Loire area?

Many local products have been made at Berry from Scottish history. In addition to the kilns made by Lady Christelle there are “shotbreads” which are traditional Scottish shortbread cookies.

In Saint-Martin d’Auxagne, we discover Pomace de Saint-Martin, a descendant of the Scottish archers who came during the Hundred Years’ War.

Other Scottish products such as Whiskey and Scottish Highland are beef.

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. In “Scottish Land of France”, a 52-minute documentary was produced Laurent Sorsell. France 3 Center – Val de Loire and production from Illegal defense.
First broadcast on Monday, March 15, 2021 at 11 pm France 3 Center-Val de Loire.


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