Anyone who moves to a Scottish island gets 60,000 euros

Anyone who moves to a Scottish island gets 60,000 euros

With an economic stimulus program worth millions, which is part of the British “National Islands Plan”, parliament in Edinburgh wants to ensure that more people are attracted to the already uninhabited Scottish islands in the Atlantic and North Sea.

The first 100 people under the age of 30 or young families who decide to home on one of the selected islands will receive the equivalent of EUR 58,687 in start-up assistance. However, you will have to be there all year round, which includes rough, cold and lonely winters.

Selected islands include the Outer Hebrides with the islands of Argyll, Eran, Bute, Great Cumbre, Lewis and Harris, as well as Ust and Barra, the Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands or the Isle of Skye and neighboring smaller islands.

“What is missing is opportunity”

There are over 90 inhabited islands in Scotland. Critics of the action say that five million pounds should have been invested in expanding the infrastructure. Because: “There’s no shortage of people who want to move to the islands, what’s missing are opportunities, whether it’s housing or jobs,” said the BBC, Kevin Morrison, who moved to Ust Island with his wife in 2016 Were. To do so, he would have quit his full-time job in Glasgow and found only a part-time job to begin with.

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