Argentina beat USA, Scotland humiliate Russia 61-0

Argentina beat USA, Scotland humiliate Russia 61-0

KUMAGAYA (Japan) – L ‘Argentina closed with a win His World Championship campaign. Now out of the quarter-final race, i Puma dress For United States outperformed in Kumagaya 47-17, At least the place for the last stage of the next one is safe GlobalIn France, scheduled in 4 years. Hero of today’s success Nicolas Sanchez, The author of the first half of the game and another 10 shooting points. Meta also for Tuculet (2), Malia (2), De La Fuente and Bertranou United States of america Scully (2) and Lesik scored. (In collaboration with ITALPRESS)

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Mondili rugby, what was shown in the stands!

Scotland humiliate Russia 61–0

Scotland Remains in the race to make it to the quarter-finals Rugby world cup. History without challenge Shizuoka against RussiaWon 61–0 with a total of nine attempts: three signed by George Horn, two by Adam Hastings, George Turner, Tommy Seymour, John Barclay and Stuart McInally by others. Seeing what will be a real play-off against Japan on Sunday, by restoring several big names: The hosts are leading Group A with 14 points, Scotland reach 10 today with at least 4 attempts. Will guarantee to win together. Place in the Quarter. Instead, Russia leaves the World Championship with 4 defeats and 0 points.

Typhoon Hagibis, France-England and Japan-Scotland are at risk

Meanwhile, France prepares for their match against England, awaiting a decision on organizing the match endangered by the typhoon. Hagibis. Weather warnings were published on Monday, with France-England and Japan-Scotland at risk Saturday, scheduled for Sunday.

Bellini's goal for New Zealand: "I want to see haka live"

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Bellini told New Zealand: “I want to see Haka live”

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