Australian shark attack: guy killed by shark although spearfishing in the vicinity of Queensland’s Fraser Island

Indian Head on Fraser Island in Queensland, Australia.

The person was spearfishing in the waters off Indian Head when he was bitten by a shark.

The male suffered injuries to his leg. A health practitioner and a nurse tried using to preserve his existence on the beach front, but he handed absent at about 4.30 p.m. regional time.

Saturday’s attack marked the fourth shark-similar dying in Australia this yr. In April, Queensland wildlife ranger Zachary Robba, 23, was killed by a excellent white shark also in close proximity to Indian Head.
In June a 60-yr-aged surfer died right after staying bitten by a terrific white shark in the state of New South Wales, although in January a 57-year-outdated diver died from a shark attack off Western Australia state.
There have been no fatalities from shark attacks in Australia in 2019 and just just one in 2018, in accordance to Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.
In a publish to his official Fb, Fraser Coastline mayor George Seymour explained that it was a “greatly sad day” for the regional neighborhood.

“Our deepest condolences go to this young man’s relatives and pals. The loss of a young lifetime with his long term prior to him is a tragedy further than text and we share their unhappiness and grief,” Seymour mentioned.

Shark assaults are incredibly exceptional, not just in Australia but all-around the planet. According the Australian Museum, you are a lot more probably to be struck by lightening in Australia or killed in a vehicle incident than attacked by a shark.
Yearly fewer than 10 people a calendar year on common close to the entire world die of shark attacks, according to the Australian Institute of Maritime Science.


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