Austria would have to do without Germany’s Legionnaire in Scotland

Austria would have to do without Germany's Legionnaire in Scotland

The Austrian national football team will most likely be dealt the first game with a strong replacement for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. As announced by teamFB on Monday, the national team will play against Scotland in Glasgow on 25 March. However, due to the current quarantine rules in Germany, the Bundesliga clubs have been relieved of the obligation to park. As things stand, Franco Foda will travel to Scotland without the German giants.

“Recently, a request for a venue swap was in the room, as team owner Franco Foda Stand is now required to pass through all players from German clubs due to contravention rules from the national team’s course due to COVID regulations Has to make a comeback. In quarantine for five days or more. This is currently the case in Germany after living in Great Britain, “writes aFB in a broadcast.

“An application to swap locations must have been approved by FIFA, and this version would require a waiver for the delegation to land in the Austrian territory from Scotland. Currently, flights from Great Britain are allowed to land In this scenario, in ÖFBB-Elf, he had to play three away games in Moldova, Israel and Scotland in a few days in September, which meant a lot of tension in the journey. The crucial second leg against Scotland in September. Crowd at the stadium “, so the Football Association continues.

According to information from the international federation FIFA and UEFA, there is no option according to which the match is scheduled for 25 March 2021, while maintaining the domestic advantage for Scotland – which could be moved to neutral . In a conversation with the BFB, the Scottish Association expressed understanding for the situation, but insisted on Glasgow as the venue was explained despite parking problems

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“We had to choose one of two unsatisfactory options. We have weighed all the parameters. We had a close and constructive dialogue with all parties involved, for which I would like to express my thanks, ”said Bernhard Nowhold, Managing Director of BFB Wirtschaftsbetriebe GmbH.

“There was no satisfactory option in this situation. We made our decision for the full qualification campaign. If we had swapped domestic rights, we would have had to play three logically challenging and grueling games within a course in Moldova, Israel and Scotland in September. We are looking forward to a real home advantage with our fans following us in the autumn. It is important for us that the decision has been made. Now it is time to focus on the things that we can influence, ”says team owner Franco Foda.

However, the FB “will try to do everything within the scope of the current prospects of getting a release for players under contract in the German Bundesliga. In this context, a letter was sent to all German clubs today, stricter aside.” . And sanitation measures as part of the curriculum, and on the other hand, once again requested clubs to obtain special permits for veterans in a double pass with local health officials. “

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