Baden-Württemberg: Hydrogen: Hofmeister-Krot informs itself in Scotland

Baden-Württemberg: Hydrogen: Hofmeister-Krot informs itself in Scotland

Hydrogen: Hofmeister-Kraut informs itself in Scotland

Hydrogen is seen as a ray of hope. It can be produced using renewable energy. Economics Minister Nicole Hofmeister-Kraut learned more about this during her visit to Scotland.

STUTTGART (dpa / LSW) – Baden-Württemberg’s Economics Minister Nicole Hofmeister-Kraut (CDU) is on a two-day visit to Scotland on Monday. The nearly 40-strong business delegation and CDU politicians are researching the topic of environmentally friendly hydrogen.

Hofmeister-Kraut said the production, transport and use of green hydrogen is increasingly becoming a location factor for the economic development of individual regions. Same for Southwest. “Trusted partnerships with regions of the world with whom we share a common vision of responsible business are essential to the business space.” The partnership with Scotland brings benefits for both parties: Baden-Württemberg can provide technologies for the production of green hydrogen in Scotland, which can then also be distributed in the country.

During her visit, Hofmeister-Kraut will also meet her Scottish counterpart Ivan McKee, Minister for Economy, Trade, Tourism and Enterprise, for talks.

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