Balmoral in Scotland: American tourists meet the Queen – and don’t recognize her – Panorama

Balmoral in Scotland: American tourists meet the Queen - and don't recognize her - Panorama

Always up for some royal fun: Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: imago images/i Images

Chatting as the head of the British royal family for decades – impossible, one might think. But Queen Elizabeth II not only proves the opposite, but also proves her sense of humour.

For someone like Queen Elizabeth II (95) it may be the little things in life that are rare. For example, an inexperienced chat, without any royal reservations on the part of the interlocutors. One of the monarch’s staff has now told a particularly fascinating story to the British newspaper “The Times”. Accordingly, the Queen was walking around her holiday residence at Balmoral Castle in Scotland when she was approached by a group of American tourists. And apparently he had no idea that the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain was standing before him.

Has she ever met herself?

Rather than educate the ignorant tourists, the queen apparently enjoys unexpected secret small talk and tells herself many jokes. When asked if she lived in the area, she replied that she had a house nearby. When he asked her whether she had ever met Rani, the 95-year-old proved her mettle, As quoted by “The Sun”: “No, but this police officer has already met you”, said Elizabeth II and pointed to his company. After talking to the friendly elderly lady, the tourist group finally left without thinking.

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Queen Elizabeth II spends a few weeks at the Scottish country estate each summer. She will have to do without her husband for the first time in 2021 – Prince Philip died in April this year at the age of 99.


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