Bella Hadid, Meryl Streep, and more will join Betty Middler’s daughter ‘Hawks Pox’ reunion

Bella Hadid, Meryl Streep, and more will join Betty Middler's daughter 'Hawks Pox' reunion

The Halloween spirit in Bat Middle is lively and good. The actor not only made one of the best Halloween flicks, Manipulation games, But every year, she organizes a Halloween extravagant wedding. Dubbed Hulaun, The event attracts a star-studded circle of her party friends where costumes are needed.

So what was to be done this year, when the trick or cure was essentially canceled and the large number of gatherings in person was a terrifying idea? Host its Hulaun benefit – virtually – an organization dedicated to creating green spaces in neglected areas of the city – supporting the New York Restoration Project.

Instead of a costume party full of ghosts and goblins in New York, this year’s hulaun was a decent cinematic production that spread all over the world. Directed by Sean Farmer, the three sisters run an hour-long show like a documentary-style hunt for witches Manipulation. In the film, they rose from the dead before they conquered the evil and they perished once again. The evil trio was made up of Winifred Sanderson (played by Cupid’s Bow-Lipstick-Middler), Sarah Sanderson (played by wild-eyed Sarah Jessica Parker), and Mary Sanderson (Kathy Nazimi Talon-for-Nails). “Little children, come.” They joked together with the slogan no. Spinal buds.

Despite their monstrosity, they are missed. The sequel to the 1993 movie is not only in operation, but Midler’s hour-long digital party was dedicated to reviving the three sleeping witches. The title of the show, which started after an eight o’clock stroke In Search of the Sanderson Sisters: A Hawks Pox Hulaun Takeover.

It was 60 minutes of absolute batness. Viewers saw celebrity witnesses – who had filmed and filmed themselves in confession and interview-style cameos – telling the stories of their Sanderson sisters. Some (Meryl Streep) played themselves and shared fictional stories of their encounters with the Sanderson sisters. Others (Glenn Klose) took on medcap characters who were S.S. (Sanderson Sister Seatings). The show, which was hosted Elvira, mistress of the dark (Cassandra Peterson), ending with the final resurrection of the sisters. It was a glitter after the cheerleader, which was better represented by all the celebrities: Mariah Carey, Billy Crystal, Jamie Lee Curtis, George Lopez, Martin Short, Sarah Silverman, John Stamos, Tiffany Haddish, Bella Hadid, Lance Pere, and Lo Roach. Also, there were musical moments by Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson and Todd Drick Hall. Below, see all the best cameos.

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