Better win in Scotland!

Better win in Scotland!

Yellow and Black started the game well but failed to score. It was ultimately the Scots, despite being outnumbered (yellow card, 5′), who opened the scoring on penalties (3-0, 10′). Pierre Poplin answers the Scottish striker in a stride (3-3, 11′).

Entering the match, Rochelles thrust into the 22m Scottish and Raymond Roulette distanced himself to score on the first try! Poplin converted (3-10, 22′). But the Scots kept pace and stuck to Yellow and Black. A penalty in the 26th (6-10), then a second in the 34th (9-10). We thought the score was sealed before the break, but that was without counting on Yellow and Black’s abandonment this evening! Paul Boudihant crossed the line three minutes after the end of regulation time. The test did not turn up but Rochelles took a slight lead (9-15).

Returning from the locker room, the Scots stunned the Yellows and Blacks with an effort after 38 seconds… Thanks to the conversion, the locals were back in front (16–15). But Rochelais didn’t want to let go tonight. He immediately resumed the game on his own, leaving to play in the Scottish camp. Pierre Bourgarit pierced the defense and scored on La Rochelle’s third try! Poplin converted (16-22, 47′). Three points were added on penalties in the opening half (16-25, 50′). Two minutes later, Rochelles faced the Scots and Bryce Dulin once again emerged from the lot! He scrambled toes with the ball and distilled an acrobatic pass to Pierre Baudihant, who had chased well. After Paul, it was the big brother who crossed the line for the bonus test tonight! Poplin converted once again (16-32, 55′). Three minutes later, the opener extended the score (16-35, 58′).

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Looking for a double bonus, the Scots did not give up and invested 22m from La Rochelle. The defense did not give up but were forced to make a mistake… First Greg Aldritt (68′) and then the Daily Lads (75′) both got the yellow card. At 14, the Yellows and Blacks continued, but at 13, they broke up (23–35, 75′).

Iheya West, who replaced Poplin, took a penalty, reducing the score to 23–38 (78′), before the Scots made a final attempt at gong (30–38, 80′). Insufficient effort for the Scots to take a bonus (gap of 8 points and three attempts).

yellow and black them Leave Glasgow with 5 points of bonus win and finished the Champions Cup group stage in third place with three wins, two of which were bonuses! Officially qualified, they will meet the No. 6 team in Pool B. Answer Tomorrow when all the matches of the last day will have been played!


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