Blockchain and how security is respected in online casinos

Gambling and betting sites suffer from the same problems – lack of transparency, limitation of payments by user location, unscrupulous casino operators. Today, there are a large number of gambling sites created just to cheat players and extract money from them. It is blockchain technology that allows solving this problem forever.

Key points of blockchain-based casinos

The use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology in online gambling helps to reduce some of the negative aspects, and a number of casinos such as Vulkanbet casino have high hopes exactly for its integration. For example, transfers of cryptocurrencies in the bulk of cases go unnoticed by security officers of financial organizations, therefore, attract less attention and reducing the likelihood of further blocking of the site.

Key features of blockchain-based online casinos

Casinos run on smart contracts, which function as deterministic programs that perform certain actions when specified conditions are met. This means that the calculation of the user’s winnings and the transfer of the amount to his cryptocurrency wallet will be done automatically. The application of blockchain and features of technology in the gambling sphere gives the following advantages to both players and casinos:


Using cryptocurrency wallets users can maintain anonymity. Playing online table games on the blockchain can be done without specifying personal data.

The minimal size of commissions and high-speed transactions

Blockchain-based casino transfers are implemented with low fees due to the absence of intermediaries. In addition, all remittances are made directly, without the involvement of outsiders, which increases their speed.

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Absolute transparency

There is no main server to store information. Data is stored with each participant of the chain. Thus each participant has the possibility to track all transactions made in the system.

Privacy assurance

All information is stored encrypted. Users can track all transactions but have no way to identify the recipient or sender of the data unless they have information about the wallet number. Transactions require a private key to complete.


Any attempts to correct the data will be rejected due to inconsistency with previously created duplicates. Data correction requires a unique code provided and validated by the system.

During the use of the blockchain, information is stored simultaneously on multiple users’ devices. It is not subject to change, which ensures the integrity of the system and reduces the likelihood of user fraud.

Trends and prospects in gambling

Blockchain technology remains one of the hottest topics in the financial services sector and has continued to spread rapidly in the areas of cash and digital identity in recent years. This is the moment when the technology is being tested in all the most significant areas of public life, and soon the number of projects using it will multiply.

In its short existence, new blockchain-based platforms will be based on their core principles of public availability and security. For this reason, it could be a good alternative for services where there is a risk of fraud or data theft.


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