Boris Johnson: Minister in Scotland seeks clarification on PM’s visit

Boris Johnson: Minister in Scotland seeks clarification on PM's visit

That’s why boris johnson on your ScotlandAn invitation from the head of government to visit nicola sturgeon A Scottish National Party (SNP) minister has sought an explanation from the UK Prime Minister.

“It is up to Boris Johnson to explain why talks with our first minister about the recovery from the pandemic are not a priority,” said Angus Robertson, the German Press Agency’s constitutional and foreign minister.

Conflict between London and Edinburgh

He was “confused” as to why Johnson did not accept the invitation, said the politician, who, like Sturgeon, is a member of the SNP. Sturgeon himself at first suspected that people might find the cancellation “too funny.”

Johnson set out on a two-day visit to Scotland on Wednesday but turned down an invitation to a seat of government. point of conflict between London And Edinburgh is the Scottish aspiration for independence from the United Kingdom. Sturgeon wants to hold another independence referendum after the pandemic and, in the best case, take his country back to an independent future and the European Union.

Robertson, who also has German roots, was the former parliamentary group leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the British Parliament and a former correspondent for the BBC. In the regional election on 6 May, he won the Edinburgh Central constituency in the Scottish capital as a direct candidate.

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