Brexit, a love letter from Scotland to the European Union

Brexit, a love letter from Scotland to the European Union
Rome, 1 January. (Adkronos)

“Hey Europe, tonight our message is the same as ever, Scotland is open for you“. A love story that ends – at least for now – but it will continue forever in the hearts of those who lived it. It is Brexi For Edinburgh despite himself and he wanted to send it to Facebook via official government account His farewell video letter to the European Union. A moving letter sealed by the hashtag #ScotlandisOpen. “O Europe – a breathtaking landscape from the beach actor says – Scotland has a message for you From our people, from our universities and companies, from the bottom of our hearts: Our beautiful country is open to you. Our arms are open, our mind is open. And, yes, sometimes our clouds also open up – he jokes as thunder is heard -. but Don’t be disappointed, Europe, let’s continue our love story. Scotland is open, Scotland – he concludes – is now. “And the Prime Minister’s personal message is added to the government’s social message Nikola Sturgeon, Which promises on Twitter: “Scotland will return to the heart of Europe as an independent country”

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