Brexit and Scotland’s future keep coming

Brexit and Scotland's future keep coming

There are only a few weeks left before the end of the transition period which is slowly but surely leading us to Brexit on 1 January. The very latest negotiations are underway to avoid a no-exit exit and to regulate future relations between the UK and the EU, with a focus on fishing rights. If the Irish border is also at stake, Scotland is thinking of options at its disposal and Nicole Sturgeon, the first minister of this constituent nation of the state, launched a campaign for independence during the Scottish Independence Party (SNP), Which she directs by stating that she was “never sure of its attainment”.

Scotland / England: Historically Knot Relations

In this video posted last week, Nicola Sturgeon encouraged people to believe calmly and patiently that Scotland was ready to “take its place among a family of independent countries”, noting that it was “so Will be on the verge of doing “. ‘History’, his story which was largely made in the battle against England. In February 2020, historian Thomas M. Divine, Professor Emeritus at the University of Edinburgh, whose editorial staff of the magazine is story Specifies that he is “the only historian of Scotland by the Queen”, reviewing the relationship between Scotland and England.
In the 11th century the Scots were bequeathed by William the Conqueror, who maintained their crowns and dynasties between submission and demand for independence until the 18th century. For a relatively poor region with a warlike history but wealth: its sheep and its fish that interested the states of the neighboring continent, the principal states playing on these divisions against France. An interested alliance that has lasted for more than seven centuries and to which Charles de Gaulle still refers during World War II. If Nicola Sturgeon in her speech emphasized the “global” community that Scott would make to join the state of independence, the Scots did not wait for the continent’s universities and their military merchants to send their intellectuals. . A person who wanders first to survive, but also to ensure that they exist as a useful nation to defend.

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Brexit and coronavirus management lead to poor relations with UK government

The alliance with England ended in the early 18th century, but economic and urban development was ensured in Scotland, largely supported by the opportunities of the British colonial empire. It was Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s who forcibly rekindled the fire of hostilities against a Scotland, which he considers as a symbol of Labor political opposition. Confirming Scottish identity, Scottishness, rebounded against Britishness, a protest that fueled the rise of the Scottish National Party (SNP), that of Nicola Sturgeon, to the point that it became the first party. In 2007 in the country. While Brexit upset Scottish voters, who mostly voted against leaving the European Union, it is now the management of the coronavirus that is fueling poor relations with the British government. The vote suggests that the perspective of a referendum on Scottish independence was sought with Nicola Sturgeon in 2021, but the headache of leaving the European Union with the exit of the British state may deter Scots. Adventure, try to follow the business.


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