Brunello’s Italy beat Scotland

Brunello's Italy beat Scotland

CARDIFF (WALES) – Italy U20 put on a brilliant team performance to beat Scotland teammates 43-3 in a valid match on the third day of the U20 Six Nations. A race without history with Brunello’s team that manages to enforce their game by scoring six goals (three in time) and achieving the first, crucial, breakthrough in the tournament.

Azzurrini made a good start and at 5′, from a stolen defensive touchline, they quickly managed to set up action and go Vaccari. target with Joe uses his momentum to unlock the result on the offensive right. ten minutes later another comes blue marking with water Joe finalizes Gacy’s personal initiative by crushing the oval near the positions giving Marin a comfortable change. Scotland shortened the distance in the 19th minute with a free kick from Scott, but moments later Marin hit the post again, partially moving 15–3 in Azzurini’s favour.. Brunello’s team manage to impose their game and get their third goal of the match with 31′ Neculai. who uses his physicality to overcome the Scottish defence. Marin realizes a free kick towards the end of time that closes the first leg at 23-3 for Italy.

After an unsuccessful free kick from blue No. 10 in the 50th minute, the goal comes three minutes later – with the offensive bonus attached – Vaccari. Finalizing a good action by Captain Andriani right side of the attack. Italy’s good moment continues and between 57′ and 60′ there are two other goals with the Albanese first between 57′ and 60′ – who collects the oval to fly into a single goal – and the Spanish then who takes the partial to 40-3 . Scotland tries to attack but is unable to find the opening in defense of Brunello’s team with a free kick. New entry Teneghi on 74′, closes the match 43–3 with the first win in the tournament.

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The next meeting for Italy U20 is valid for the fourth day of the U20 Six Nations in a match against Ireland at Arms Park in Cardiff on Wednesday 7 July at 14 local time (15 Italian).

Cardiff, Arms Park – Thursday 1 July at noon (3pm ITA)
Six Nations U20, Day 3

Scotland U20 vs Italy U20 3-43 (3-23)

Markers: 5′ for M. Vaikari (0-5); 16 M. Pani Tr. Marin (0-12); 19′ CP C. Scott (3-12); 22′ CP Marin (3-15); 31 m Neculai (3-20); 37′ CP Marin (3-23); St. 53′ M. Andriani (3-28): 57′ m. Albanese tr. Marin (3-35); 60′ min. Spanish (3-40); 74′ CP Tengei (3-43)

Scozia U20: Gourley (69′ Clayton); a. Scott, Glendining (41′ Townsend), King (41′ Grey), Callaghan; C. Scott, Redpath; Muncaster, Leatherbarrow (59′ Tait), Sweeton; Samuel (cap.), Williamson (59′ ferry); Breeze (59′ Frostick), Drummond (48′ Harrison), Lamberton (42′ Jones)

A settlement: Harrison, Jones, Frostick, Ferry, Tait, Jackson, Cunningham, Townsend, Grey, McKinnight, Clayton
All. linens

Italy U20: water; Vaccari, Menoncello, Drago (67 ‘Fusari), Gesi; Marin (67′ Tenegi), Albanian; Canon (62′ Cenades), Vincent, Andriani (hat); Pientella (70′ Angelone), Ferrari (56′ Boschetti); Neculai (56′ Hasa), Di Bartolomeo (17′-23′ Baldelli) (59′ Baldelli), Spanish (21′-31′ Rizzoli) (62’ Rizzoli)

Available: Baldelli, Rizzoli, Hasa, Angelone, Cenedies, Garbisi, Tenegi, Schiabel, Boschetti, Maruccini, Fusari
All. Brunello

Arab Tual Trainini (FFR)

Card: Yellow to Gacy in the 81st minute (Italy U20)

Players: Marin (Italy U20) 4/9; C. Scott (Scotland U20) 1/1; Teneghi (Italy U20) 1/1

Points earned in the standings: Scotland U20 0; Italy U20 5

Player of the match: Manfredi Albanese (Italy U20)

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