BVG orders 198 double deckers from Scotland

BVG orders 198 double deckers from Scotland

BerlinBVG pays commission to the Scottish company Alexander Dennis for delivery of 198 double-decker buses. Previously, two of the buses, which offer 115 passengers, were tested for four months. The purchase will cost around 100 million euros.

During testing on the City-Line 100, some small change requests from passengers, drivers, and workshops that should be taken into account in series vehicles became apparent.

BVG gives three examples: door opening buttons and USB connections are being rearranged so that wheelchair passengers can access them more easily. The screen has been expanded opposite the direction of travel and can now show the next three stops including transfer options. Finally, another way would be to get a grip on the back stairs.

Rolf Erfurt, a board member for operations at BVG, says: “Of course, our biggest experts are behind the wheel for day-to-day operations. A total of 40 affiliates were able to test the buses in the last few months. He also traveled over 7,000 kilometers in the city on difficult routes and on all types of road surfaces. The drivers particularly praised the driving, braking and steering behavior of the buses. Newcomers were also well received in the workshops. “

With the purchase of buses, which should be delivered by early 2023, BVG’s rusty double-decker stock will be rejuvenated. Of the currently accepted 238 Big Yellows, only 170 were final operations, two and a half dozen fewer than a year ago.


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